We believe that publication is a vital step in research development, so we provide tools for researchers and publishers to help them in this process

For Researchers

Search and compare journals in a few clicks. In Countryofpapers you can easily find metrics that are not available in other platforms such as Publication Price, Acceptance Rate and other researchers Valuations

For Publishers

We want to help journals providing them a platform where they can show their services and quality. Improve your visibility and get the top of mind providing the best service for researchers.

for researchers, publish your research fast and easy


We believe that research publication should be an easy and fast process. However, it is completely opposite, being a slow, boring and tedious process in which researchers spend a great part of their career. Although we cannot take part in private journal matters to increase efficiency, we could simplify the journal selection process in a simple three step way:


Use the searcher tool to find among more than 25000 journals the one that suits the best for your needings. Filter based on Categories, Aims and Scope, Price, Open Access Options, Language and more


The searcher allows you to easily compare among journals using our unique metrics, such as Price, Acceptance Rate, Keywords and Publciation Speed


Read reviews of other researcher before publishing and leave your own valuations to help good journals and detect predator journals


The number of journals available is increasing day by day,  increasing the competence and making journal management and extremely difficult task. In Countryofpapers, we provide you a platform where stand out over the competence, showing more than publication statistics. It is based on three components:

Each Journal have a profile page that can be completed with the most relevant information for both, journals and researchers. 

Improve your engagement with researchers through our review system. Unlike common metrics, the quality of your services will be valuated, allowing you to know researchers opinions and  to answer doubts and requierements.

Enchance your profile and reach even more researchers using exclusive marketing tools - place yourself at top result in searchs and post special numbers claims.

for publishers and editors claim your journal


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5 keys to compare scientific journals without effort

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