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The Annual Review of Biophysics, in publication since 1972, covers significant developments in the field of biophysics, including macromolecular structure, function and dynamics, theoretical and computational biophysics, molecular biophysics of the cell, physical systems biology, membrane biophysics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and emerging techniques. It has an SJR impact factor of 9,144.

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Annual Review of Biophysics


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Aims and Scope

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A Physical Chemist's Expedition to Explore the World of Membrane Proteins

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Actin Dynamics: From Nanoscale to Microscale

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Advances in High-Pressure Biophysics: Status and Prospects of Macromolecular Crystallography

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Advances, Interactions, and Future Developments in the CNS, Phenix, and Rosetta Structural Biology Software Systems

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Adventures in Physical Chemistry

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Allostery and the Monod-Wyman-Changeux Model After 50 Years

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Anatomy of Nanoscale Propulsion

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Bacterial Mechanosensitive Channels - MscS: Evolution's Solution to Creating Sensitivity in Function

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Behavioral Variability and Phenotypic Diversity in Bacterial Chemotaxis

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Bioimage Informatics for Experimental Biology

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Biophysical Dynamics in Disorderly Environments

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Biophysics of Catch Bonds

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Biophysics of Knotting

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Biostructural Science Inspired by Next-Generation X-Ray Sources

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Bringing Bioelectricity to Light

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Calorimetry and Thermodynamics in Drug Design

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Common Folds and Transport Mechanisms of Secondary Active Transporters

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Compact Intermediates in RNA Folding

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Comparative Enzymology and Structural Biology of RNA Self-Cleavage

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Computational Methodologies for Real-Space Structural Refinement of Large Macromolecular Complexes

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Cooperativity in Cellular Biochemical Processes: Noise-Enhanced Sensitivity, Fluctuating Enzyme, Bistability with Nonlinear Feedback, and Other Mechanisms for Sigmoidal Responses

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Decision Making in Living Cells: Lessons from a Simple System

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Design Principles of Length Control of Cytoskeletal Structures

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Distinct Mechanisms of Transcription Initiation by RNA Polymerases I and II

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