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Applied Catalysis A: General is a journal indexed in SJR in Catalysis and Process Chemistry and Technology with an H index of 203. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,163 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Applied Catalysis A: General focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: catalysts, oxidation, selective, catalytic, synthesis, alkylidene, tropsch, catalyst, reactions, ruthenium, ...

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Applied Catalysis A: General


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Aims and Scope

catalysts, oxidation, selective, catalytic, synthesis, alkylidene, tropsch, catalyst, reactions, ruthenium, supported, asymmetric, olefins, fischer, based, catal, bounds, agalo, ai, alkanes, alsba, bartók, bed, betanew, bifunctional,

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A comparison of nanoscale and large-size BaCl2-modified Er2O3 catalysts for the selective oxidation of ethane to ethylene

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A novel analysis of equilibrium adsorption and desorption using transient tracing methods

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Activity and deactivation behavior of various zeolite catalysts

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Activity and selectivity of high-silica mordenites in the disproportionation of ethylbenzene

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Adsorption, desorption and decomposition of nitrogen monoxide on Rh(1 0 0) studied by electron-stimulated desorption, Auger electron spectroscopy and temperature-programmed desorption

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Alkylation of phenol with tert-butyl alcohol catalysed by zeolite Hbeta

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Analysis of heterogeneous-homogeneous model, describing oscillations in system CH3CHO+O2

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Bimetallic nickel-rhodium catalysts. II. Activity and selectivity in the hydrogenolysis of butane

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Boron role on sulfur resistance of amorphous NiB/SiO2 catalyst poisoned by carbon disulfide in cyclopentadiene hydrogenation

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Catalysed or uncatalysed esterification reaction of oleic acid with 2-ethyl hexanol

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Catalytic hydrodenitrogenation of indole over molybdenum nitride and carbides with different structures

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Catalytic steam reforming of biomass-derived oxygenates: acetic acid and hydroxyacetaldehyde

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Catalytic synthesis of N-alkylacrylamide from acrylonitrile and alcohol with solid acids

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Characterisation of ceria-zirconia solid solutions after hydrothermal ageing

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Characterization and dehydrogenation activity of Cr-added electroless plated copper catalyst

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Chlorinated alumina as an alkylation catalyst: influence of acidity moderators

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Comparison of the activity and selectivity of Pt/SAPO-5 and Pt/SAPO-11 in n-hexane and n-heptane hydroconversion

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Conversion of methane with carbon dioxide into C2 hydrocarbons over metal oxides

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Conversion of syn-gas to lower alkenes over Fe-TiO2-ZnO-K2O catalyst system

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Coupling of chemical, electrochemical and ultrasonic energies for controlled generation of hydroxyl radicals

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