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In 2023 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Applied Physics! Check out this link for more information.  ----- Update: from Nov 21st 2022, Applied Physics A will request an Article Contribution Statement for all new submissions. ----- Applied Physics A publishes experimental and theoretical investigations in applied physics and materials science as regular articles, rapid communications and invited papers. Our diverse Editorial Board reflects the interdisciplinary approach of the journal and ensures the highest quality of peer review. Why publish with Applied Physics A? Since the launch in 1973, we have become one of the most recognized journals in the field.Over 90% of authors said they are likely to submit to the journal again.“Applied Physics A is in great favor among my colleagues” Professor, EuropeWe ensure that your article can be easily discovered, accessed, understood, used and shared - and act as a springboard for further discovery; your paper will be automatically added to your ResearchGate profile. Through Springer Compact agreements, authors from participating institutions can publish Open Choice at no cost to authors.We aim to build long-term relationships with researchers, providing expert guidance, training and support, from your first article to career-defining papers.List of topics published in Applied Physics APlease make sure that your manuscript is matching at least one of the following classifications. The full list of topics, which includes the subtopics and keywords used, can be downloaded via the Submission Guidelines link.1. Nanostructures, Nanomaterials 2. Laser Ablation and Deposition, Analysis3. Additive Manufacturing4. Interfaces5. Functional Oxides6. Amorphous Solids: glasses and metallic glasses7. Advanced Metals and Alloys (not pure chemistry)8. Carbon Materials9. Polymers and Organic Materials 10. Magnetic Materials, including thin films and multilayers11. Semiconductors and Novel Materials, Sensors12. Modeling and Computation in Applied Materials Science13. Advanced Spectroscopies including single molecules (not standard characterization)14. Materials for Energy Applications15. Applied Biophysics, Nanobiomaterials16. Sensors It has an SJR impact factor of 0,446.

Applied Physics A focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: carbon, laser, si, films, femtosecond, fabrication, evaporation, eu, energy, encapsulates, ...

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Applied Physics A


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Aims and Scope

carbon, laser, si, films, femtosecond, fabrication, evaporation, eu, energy, encapsulates, filmselectrochemical, formation, formed, fulgidedoped, glass, glazing, growth, halidefree, influence, integrationonedimensional, electrical, egyptian, ancient, macroporousntype, catalystslarge, ce, cell, characteristics, continuouswave, cuznsns, cvd, cwlbinanoscale, decorated, deposition, desulfurization, devices, devicesnovel, direct,

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Fabricating high-aspect-ratio sub-diffraction-limit structures on silicon with two-photon photopolymerization and reactive ion etching

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Uniaxial stress dependence of ferroelectric properties of xPMN-(1-x)PZT ceramic systems

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Thermal stability and electrical properties of Zr silicate films for high-k gate-dielectric applications, as prepared by pulsed laser deposition

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Pulsed-laser deposition of a Nd:KGd(WO4)2 waveguide in Ar and O2 environments

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Structural and electrical properties of Zr oxide film for high-k gate dielectrics by using electron cyclotron resonance plasma sputtering

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Tuning vertically stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dot properties under spacer thickness effects for 1.3 µm emission

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Fluorescence studies of polycrystalline Al2O3 composite constituents: piezo-spectroscopic calibration and applications

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Preparation of epitaxial compositionally graded (Ba1-xSrx)TiO3 thin films with enhanced dielectric properties

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Novel forming of single and multiple ceramic micro-channels

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gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation of a tiny wire

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The influence of disorder on magnetocaloric effect and the order of transition in ferromagnetic manganite (La1-x Nd x )2/3(Ca1-y Sr y )1/3MnO3

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Fabrication of molecular-electronic circuits by nanoimprint lithography at low temperatures and pressures

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Low-n mesoporous silica films: structure and properties

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Formation of thermally stable low-resistance Ti/W/Au ohmic contacts on n-type GaN

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Electroless gold deposition on silicon(100)wafer based on a seed layer of silver

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Emission characteristics of inorganic/organic hybrid white-light phosphor

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Formation of an intermediate phase in the ball milling synthesis of the sillenite phase of BSO and BTO

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Electrical characteristics of Ta2O5 based capacitors with different gate electrodes

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Analysis of the interface between a pulsed laser deposited calcium phosphate coating and a titanium alloy substrate

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Laser direct write of planar alkaline microbatteries

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Giant field amplification in tungsten nanowires

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The effective conductivity of composite materials with cubic arrays of multi-coated spheres

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Interface formation of iron on In-terminated InAs(001)

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Lines of periodic hole structures produced by laser ablation using interfering femtosecond lasers split by a transmission grating

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