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Autophagy is a journal indexed in SJR in Cell Biology and Molecular Biology with an H index of 146. It has an SJR impact factor of 3,934 and it has a best quartile of Q1.

Autophagy focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: autophagy, protein, lysosomal, regulates, functions, degradation, dynamics, due, disordersthe, differentiated, ...

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autophagy, protein, lysosomal, regulates, functions, degradation, dynamics, due, disordersthe, differentiated, energy, epgvmp, erlocalized, exocytosistanycytic, fluorescenttagged, flux, function, hierarchical, diabetesbecns, corf, contacts, atpaserca, autolysosomesglobal, autophagosome, autophagypexophagy, balanceactive, biogenesis, biological, cases, cellsvcp, cellular, channel, complex,

Best articles

"A conference report from ""Down Under"": Talking autophagy at OzBio2010"

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A cathepsin L-specific inhibitor preferentially inhibits degradation of autophagosomal LC3 and GABARAP in HeLa and Huh-7 cells

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A comprehensive siRNA screen for kinases that suppress macroautophagy in optimal growth conditions

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A food-responsive switch modulates TFEB and autophagy, and determines susceptibility to coxsackievirus infection and pancreatitis

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A high-throughput FRET-based assay for determination of Atg4 activity

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A human autophagy interaction network

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A new transcription factor ATG10S activates IFNL2 transcription by binding at an IRF1 site in HepG2 cells

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Anti-autophagic Bcl-2

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As (and when) you like it: on-demand phospholipid synthesis drives phagophore expansion during autophagy

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Atg9 Trafficking in YeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae

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Autophagy aids membrane expansion by neuropathic Schwann cells

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Autophagy and Its Possible Roles in Nervous System Diseases, Damage and Repair

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Autophagy and phagocytosis converge for better vision

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Autophagy following heat stress: The role of aging and protein nitration

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Autophagy genesSmatg8andSmatg4are required for fruiting-body development, vegetative growth and ascospore germination in the filamentous ascomyceteSordaria macrospora

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Autophagy in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells exposed to heavy metals: Biological implications and toxicological relevance

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Autophagy in protists: examples of secondary loss, lineage-specific innovations, and the conundrum of remodeling a single mitochondrion

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Autophagy in the Invading Pathogen

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Autophagy inhibition prevents glucocorticoid-increased adiposity via suppressing BAT whitening

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Autophagy of metallothioneins prevents TNF-induced oxidative stress and toxicity in hepatoma cells

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Autophagy plays an important role in protecting Pacific oysters from OsHV-1 andVibrio aestuarianusinfections

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Autophagy prevents runaway meiotic divisions

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Autophagy-assisted glycogen catabolism regulates asexual differentiation inMagnaporthe oryzae

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BAX channel activity mediates lysosomal disruption linked to Parkinson disease

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