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Founded in 1992, Biodiversity and Conservation is an international journal that publishes articles on all aspects of biological diversity, its conservation, and sustainable use. It is multidisciplinary and covers living organisms of all kinds in any habitat, focusing on studies using novel or little-used approaches, and ones from less studied biodiversity rich regions or habitats. It also features rapid assessment approaches, the estimation of species numbers and diversity (by traditional, molecular, or proxy indicator methods), habitat management, conservation policy and regulations, threats, biodiversity loss, extinctions, and the documenting of long-term changes, and ex-situ conservation.It includes reviews, research papers, editorials, commentaries, and letters, and sometimes whole issues devote to particular topics. Why publish with us International in scope and coverage, we are devoted to the publication of articles on all aspects of biological diversity and conservation, and publish 14 issues per year with full colour figures. With our renowned international editorial team overseeing a rigorous and swift review process, we encourage contributors from developing countries, in order to realize diverse global perspectives. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,954.

Biodiversity and Conservation focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: diversity, conservation, determinants, landscape, area, species, farmlandonline, environmental, ecosystem, ecology, ...

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Biodiversity and Conservation


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Aims and Scope

diversity, conservation, determinants, landscape, area, species, farmlandonline, environmental, ecosystem, ecology, herders, heterogeneity, inland, intensively, isolated, key, kwazulunatal, macaca, drylands, distribution, diatoms, amberfragmentation, andean, andesimpact, antarctic, bacterium, matterstropical, beta, bird, birds, calcareous, central, challenge, cobenefits,

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Plantation forests and biodiversity: oxymoron or opportunity?

Eckehard G. Brockerhoff Hervé Jactel John A. Parrotta
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Predictors of Species Sensitivity to Fragmentation

Klaus Henle Kendi F. Davies Michael Kleyer
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Towards an assessment of multiple ecosystem processes and services via functional traits

Francesco de Bello Sandra Lavorel Sandra Díaz
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Ant biodiversity and its relationship to ecosystem functioning: a review

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DOMAIN: a flexible modelling procedure for mapping potential distributions of plants and animals

G. Carpenter A. N. Gillison J. Winter
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Does plantation forestry restore biodiversity or create green deserts? A synthesis of the effects of land-use transitions on plant species richness

Leah L. Bremer Kathleen A. Farley
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Monitoring Matters: Examining the Potential of Locally-based Approaches

Finn Danielsen Neil D. Burgess Andrew Balmford
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Medicinal plants, conservation and livelihoods

Alan C. Hamilton
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Substrate requirements of red-listed saproxylic invertebrates in Sweden

Mats Jonsell Jan Weslien Bengt Ehnström
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Biodiversity of Collembola and their functional role in the ecosystem

Josef Rusek
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Fungal biodiversity in aquatic habitats

Carol A. Shearer Enrique Descals Brigitte Kohlmeyer
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The state and conservation of Southeast Asian biodiversity

Navjot S. Sodhi Mary Rose C. Posa Tien Ming Lee
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An overview of international wildlife trade from Southeast Asia

Vincent Nijman
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Functional traits as indicators of biodiversity response to land use changes across ecosystems and organisms

Marie Vandewalle Francesco de Bello Matty P. Berg
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Do we need species-specific guidelines for catch-and-release recreational angling to effectively conserve diverse fishery resources?

Steven J. Cooke Cory D. Suski
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Does the type of matrix matter? A quantitative review of the evidence

Jayme Augusto Prevedello Marcus Vinícius Vieira
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Model-based Conservation Decision Aiding in the Presence of Goal Conflicts and Uncertainty

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A comparison of Passalidae (Coleoptera, Lamellicornia) diversity and community structure between primary and secondary tropical forest in Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

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Molecular taxonomic tools provide more accurate estimates of species richness at less cost than traditional morphology-based taxonomic practices in a vegetation survey

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Species Survival in Fragmented Landscapes: Where are We Now?

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Edge effects on ant community structure and species richness in an agricultural landscape

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Species Survival in Fragmented Landscapes: Where to From Here?

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The non-volant mammal fauna of Mexico:species richness in a megadiverse country

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