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Biological Psychiatry is a journal indexed in SJR in Biological Psychiatry with an H index of 346. It has a price of 2040 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 3,768 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 3,768.

Biological Psychiatry focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: stress, disorder, imaging, schizophrenia, magnetic, functional, stimulation, area, gene, effects, ...

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Biological Psychiatry


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Aims and Scope

stress, disorder, imaging, schizophrenia, magnetic, functional, stimulation, area, gene, effects, brain, cortex, control, factor, sleep, study, association, expression, schizophreniat, connectivity, cognition, brainderived,

Best articles by citations

248. Protein kinase A in the postmortem brain of suicide victims

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357. Altered relationships in RCMRGLU associativity in bipolar and unipolar illness

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122. Effects of caffeine on sensorimotor gating of the startle reflex in normal control subjects

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407. Altered prefrontal-thalamic neuronal integrity in bipolar I disorder

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160. Nicotine replacement and smoking suppression in schizophrenia

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76. Reaction time slowing in schizophrenia: domain-specific features

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361. 5-HTTLPR and central 5-HTT availability measured with [123I]-beta-CIT SPECT

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365. Emotion-inducing stimuli processing in alexithymia: an fMRI study

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369. Psychotropic drug naive and currently treated patients with Tourette syndrome: a [123I]-beta-CIT SPECT-study

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Circulating Lymphocyte Phenotypic Surface Markers in Anxiety Disorder Patients and Normal Volunteers

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164. Attenuated frontal activation during mental rotation in schizophrenia

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126. Working memory impairment in schizophrenia patients and their first-degree relatives

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374. Deep brain stimulation: a new treatment for Parkinson's disease with mood altering potential

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Attentional disorders in schizophrenia: Influence of neuroleptic treatment and correlation between cognitive performances and clinical features

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377. Involvement of the vagus nerves and associated CNS pathways in psychiatric disorders

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168. Volumetric MRI in male violent offenders with schizophrenia and psychopathic disorder

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252. Platelet activation of depressed patients in comparison to patients with aortic atherosclerosis

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Sleep electroencephalographic abnormalities in adolescent depressives: Effects of scopolamine

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381. Sensory gating: new vistas

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Alcohol-induced depersonalization

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399. A PET study of brain activation in response to auditory hallucinations and external speech in schizophrenic patients

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411. Measurement of the rate of pyruvate carboxylase in human brain by 13C MRS

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415. Identification of candidate genes in schizophrenia using animal models

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503. Lateralization of TPT minicolumns in patients with schizophrenia

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