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New submission system for BioMetals journal This journal has moved to our new editorial submission system (SNAPP).   Do not submit new articles via the former Editorial Manager site. Only manuscripts already submitted (revisions) are being handled in Editorial Manager.BioMetals is an established journal to feature the important role of metal ions in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, environmental science, and medicine. BioMetals is an international, multidisciplinary journal singularly devoted to the rapid publication of the fundamental advances of both basic and applied research in this field. BioMetals offers a forum for innovative research and clinical results on the structure and function of:  metal ions metal chelates, siderophores, metal-containing proteins biominerals in all biosystems. BioMetals rapidly publishes original articles and reviews.  BioMetals is a journal for metals researchers who practice in medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, cell biology, chemistry, and plant physiology who are based academic, industrial and government laboratories. An international journal presenting fundamental advances in both basic and applied research into the role of metal ions in biology, biochemistry and medicineOffers a forum for new research and clinical resultsStimulates cross-fertilization between medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, cell biology, chemistry and plant physiology95% of authors who answered a survey reported that they would definitely publish or probably publish in the journal again It has an SJR impact factor of 0,559.

BioMetals focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: copper, zinc, sorghum, aluminum, homeostasis, epitheliumidentification, enhances, expression, fish, fluozingenomewide, ...

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Aims and Scope

copper, zinc, sorghum, aluminum, homeostasis, epitheliumidentification, enhances, expression, fish, fluozingenomewide, formation, genes, glutamatergic, hepatocytes, identification, induced, influence, iron, labile, cadmium, adipogenesis, alfalfa, autismassociated, bicolor, biliary, biofilm, biomaterials, activity, accumulation, commd, complexes, composites, dietinduced, disrupt,

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Potential usefulness of bovine lactoferrin for adjunctive immunotherapy for mucosal Candida infections

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Kinetic analysis of bovine spleen apoferritin and recombinant H and L chain homopolymers: Iron uptake suggests early stage H chain ferroxidase activity and second stage L chain cooperation

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Metal metabolism in the red alga Cyanidium caldarium and its relationship to metal tolerance

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Iron binding to Azotobacter salinestris melanin, iron mobilization and uptake mediated by siderophores

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Beryllium(II) binding to ATP and ADP: Potentiometric determination of the thermodynamic constants and implications for in vivo toxicity

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Characterization and metal affinity of Tirofiban, a pharmaceutical compound used in acute coronary syndromes

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Comparison of mercury levels in various tissues of albino and pigmented mice treated with two different brands of mercury skin-lightening creams

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Microbial growth promotion studies of exochelin MN and analogues thereof

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A kinetic study on the distribution of Cu(II)-ions between albumin and transferrin

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Crystal structures, DNA-binding studies and antioxidant activities of the Ln(III) complexes with 7-methoxychromone-3-carbaldehyde-isonicotinoyl hydrazone

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Antiviral activity of lactoferrin towards naked viruses

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