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BioTechniques focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: dna, mutagenesis, reverse, assay, sequencing, transfer, cell, sitedirected, fragments, fluorolabeled, ...

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dna, mutagenesis, reverse, assay, sequencing, transfer, cell, sitedirected, fragments, fluorolabeled, fluoroimmunoassaymodification, highthroughput, hormones, hplc, human, identification, immunoassay, factors, energy, embryossoftware, arabidopsis, bacterial, based, carboxypeptidase, chipsdual, culture, cultured, denaturing, developing, domains, elevated, biotechnology, molecular biology, biosciences, life sciences, laboratory methods

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3'-End cDNA Pool Suitable for Differential Display from a Small Number of Cells

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A novel L1 retrotransposon marker for HeLa cell line identification

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Adaptation of Inverse PCR to Generate an Internal Deletion

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Advantages of a New Taq DNA Polymerase in Multiplex PCR and Time-Release PCR

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Advantages of using the QIAshredder instead of restriction digestion to prepare DNA for droplet digital PCR

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Analysis of Differential Display RT-PCR Products Using Fluorescent Primers and GENESCANTM Software

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Aptamer-dependent full-length cDNA synthesis by overlap extension PCR

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Artifact Occurring during Combined In Situ Hybridization and Immunocytochemistry Analysis because of Positive Chemography

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Assessing Sources of Variability in Microarray Gene Expression Data

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Bacterial genetics: past achievements, present state of the field, and future challenges

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BeadArray‚Ñ¢-based solutions for enabling the promise of pharmacogenomics

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Bi-directional Dideoxy Fingerprinting (Bi-ddF): Rapid and Efficient Screening for Mutations in the Big BlueTM Transgenic Mouse Mutation Detection System

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Bioinformatics: Use in Bacterial Vaccine Discovery

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cDNA Library Screening Using the SOS Recruitment System

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Cell-Specific Ecdysone-Inducible Expression of FLP Recombinase in Mammalian Cells

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Centrifugal Assay for Fluorescence-Based Cell Adhesion Adapted to the Analysis of Ex Vivo Cells and Capable of Determining Relative Binding Strengths

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Chimerization of multiple antibody classes using splice overlap extension PCR

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Combined Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization and Immunocytochemistry Double Labeling in Whole-Mount Manduca sexta Tissue

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Combining Multiplex and Touchdown PCR to Screen Murine Microsatellite Polymorphisms

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Continuous Fluorescence Monitoring of Rapid Cycle DNA Amplification

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Cre Stoplight: A Red/Green Fluorescent Reporter of Cre Recombinase Expression in Living Cells

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Culturing of Avian Embryos for Time-Lapse Imaging

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Cycle Sequencing on Large DNA Templates

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Detection of Five Nanograms of Protein by Two-Minute Nile Red Staining of Unfixed SDS Gels

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