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Cell and Tissue Research is a journal indexed in SJR in Cell Biology and Pathology and Forensic Medicine with an H index of 137. It has a price of 2480 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,64 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Cell and Tissue Research focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: cells, mouse, blood, cord, human, differentiation, distal, dominant, differentiating, disease, ...

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Cell and Tissue Research


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cells, mouse, blood, cord, human, differentiation, distal, dominant, differentiating, disease, epithelial, epitope, extracellular, fal, female, fibrosis, firsttrimester, fucosylnacetyllactosamine, dietoctacalcium, degeneration, caveolin, cell, cellsdistribution, cellsproteases, cellssyncytin, channel, chondrogenic, chorionic, classification, clinicalgrade, cnsintestinal, colonsmallmoleculeinduced, cortex, cystic,

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Adhesive interactions between CD34 + -derived dendritic cell precursors and dermal microvascular endothelial cells studied by scanning electron microscopy

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An immunocytochemical study of pulpal responses to cavity preparation by laser ablation in rat molars by using antibodies to heat shock protein (Hsp) 25 and class II MHC antigen

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Augmented cytoplasmic Smad4 induces acceleration of TGF-?1 signaling in renal tubulointerstitial cells of hereditary nephrotic ICGN mice with chronic renal fibrosis; possible role for myofibroblastic differentiation

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Autophagy of ferritin incorporated into the cytosol of HeLa cells by liposomes

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Bau, Entwicklung und Farbenentstehung bei den Flitterzellen von Sepia officinalis

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ber die Basalmembran der Schilddr'senfollikel

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ber die Endothelphagocyten des Menschen

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Bindegewebsstudien, IV

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Calbindin-D9k (CaBP9k) localization and levels of expression in trophoblast cells from human term placenta

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Calponin is expressed by Sertoli cells within rat testes and is associated with actin-enriched cytoskeleton

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Cell volume regulation in immune cell apoptosis

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Change from a hard to soft diet alters the expression of insulin-like growth factors, their receptors, and binding proteins in association with atrophy in adult mouse masseter muscle

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Characterization of leukemia-associated Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor ( LARG ) expression during murine development

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Chromosome structure in tradescantiae I. Methods and morphology

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Cultured gastrointestinal smooth muscle cells: cell response to contractile agonists depends on their phenotypic state

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Custom-shaping system for bone regeneration by seeding marrow stromal cells onto a web-like biodegradable hybrid sheet

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Cutaneous eccrine glands of the foot pads of the small Madagascan tenrec ( Echinops telfairi, Insectivora, Tenrecidae): skin glands in a primitive mammal

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Cytomembrane differentiation in a ciliate, Tetrahymena pyriformis

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Cytoskeletal filaments and associated proteins during restricted trophoblast invasion in bovine placentomes: light and transmission electron microscopy and RT-PCR

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Der Einfluss von Fixationsmitteln auf die Färbbarkeit Histologischer Elemente. Versuche mit Hochdispersen Farbstoffen

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