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Cerebral Cortex is a journal indexed in SJR in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience with an H index of 239. It has an SJR impact factor of 3,208 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Cerebral Cortex


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A Neural Model of how Horizontal and Interlaminar Connections of Visual Cortex Develop into Adult Circuits that Carry Out Perceptual Grouping and Learning

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A Pure Salience Response in Posterior Parietal Cortex

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ADF/Cofilin Controls Synaptic Actin Dynamics and Regulates Synaptic Vesicle Mobilization and Exocytosis

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An Ion Transport-Independent Role for the Cation-Chloride Cotransporter KCC2 in Dendritic Spinogenesis In Vivo

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Between Perfectly Critical and Fully Irregular: A Reverberating Model Captures and Predicts Cortical Spike Propagation

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Bilateral activation of fronto-parietal networks by incrementing demand in a working memory task

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Cerebellar Processing of Sensory Inputs Primes Motor Cortex Plasticity

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Cerebral microgyria, thalamic cell size and auditory temporal processing in male and female rats

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Characterization of White Matter Tracts by Diffusion MR Tractography in Cat and Ferret that Have Similar Gyral Patterns

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Connectivity Gradient in the Human Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus: Intraoperative Cortico-Cortical Evoked Potential Study

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Cortical Connections of the Macaque Anterior Intraparietal (AIP) Area

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Cortical Responses to Input From Distant Areas are Modulated by Local Spontaneous Alpha/Beta Oscillations

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Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Analyses of Anatomical Sulcal Changes Associated with Aging

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Decomposing the Neural Correlates of Antisaccade Eye Movements Using Event-Related fMRI

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Developmental Regulation of Basket Interneuron Synapses and Behavior through NCAM in Mouse Prefrontal Cortex

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Differential Recruitment of Dentate Gyrus Interneuron Types by Commissural Versus Perforant Pathways

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Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Frontal Lobe in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Digit Somatotopy within Cortical Areas of the Postcentral Gyrus in Humans

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Effect of Familial Sinistrality on Planum Temporale Surface and Brain Tissue Asymmetries

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Estimates of the net excitatory currents evoked by visual stimulation of identified neurons in cat visual cortex

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Functional interactions between the medial temporal lobes and posterior neocortex related to episodic memory retrieval

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How Many Maps are there in Visual Cortex?

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Listener-Speaker Perceived Distance Predicts the Degree of Motor Contribution to Speech Perception

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Morphometric Differences in the Heschl's Gyrus of Hearing Impaired and Normal Hearing Infants

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