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Chemistry Letters is a journal indexed in SJR in Chemistry (miscellaneous) with an H index of 124. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,423 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,423.

Chemistry Letters focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: n, catalytic, synthesis, addition, monoxide, aqueous, chiral, utris, s, o, ...

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Chemistry Letters


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Aims and Scope

n, catalytic, synthesis, addition, monoxide, aqueous, chiral, utris, s, o, area, aromatic, approachimproved, block, boranedimethyl, building, butynediol, carbide, carbon, applications, antibodies, acid, acidic, acidnovel, alcohols, aldehydes, alkanes, alkenesreaction, alkylation, ammonia, amorphous, analogue,

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Serendipitous Synthesis of Oligo(6-vinylsilyl-5-silacyclohepta-1,3-diene)s

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Benzyltriphenylphosphonium Peroxymonosulfate: As a Novel and Efficient Reagent for Oxidation of Alcohols under Solvent-Free Conditions

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Tetravalent Ion(Zr4+) Conduction in Solids

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Electrically Induced Rapid Deformation of Nonionic Gel

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New Conducting Polymers Based on Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole): Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties

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Synthesis and Properties of Amorphous Hole Transport Materials of Triphenylamine Based Trihydrazones

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Synthesis of Wholly Alicyclic Polyimides fromN-Silylated Alicyclic Diamines

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Photoinduced Dithiolation of Fullerene[60] with Dendrimer Disulfide

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A New Method for the Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Bis-Aldols by the Samarium(II) Iodide-Mediated Aldol Reaction of Aldehydes with Aryl or Alkyl Oxiranyl Ketones

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Novel Gelators of Bile Acid-Alkylamine Salt Prepared through a Combinatorial Library Approach

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Synthesis and Formation of Supramolecular Spherical Aggregates from Poly(benzyl ether) Dendrimers Having 21-Oxoporphyrin Core

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Facile Synthesis of Optically Active Homocysteine from Methionine

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Adsorption of Aromatic Thiols on Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces Investigated by UV-vis Absorption Spectroscopy and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

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Organic-Inorganic Cooperative Molecular Recognition in Nanostructure of Alkyl-grafted MCM-41

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Morphological Studies on Well-defined Polyethylene-b-poly(ethylene-co-propylene) by AFM

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Highly Sensitive Piezoresistive Sensor Based on Modified Polystyrene Microsphere Multi-layer Stacking Conductive Interface

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X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the NH Form of a Salicylideneaniline at 15 K

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Lipophilic Peptide as Novel Building Material of Molecular Sensor

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Molecular Recognition by a Cu(II)-2,2'-bipyridine Complex Involving Coordination and Hydrogen Bonding

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Imaging of Diaphorase Micropatterned at Gold Arrays with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

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Isolation and Reaction of (Indolin-3-ylidene)pentacarbonyltungsten Generated from Tungsten-containing Azomethine Ylide

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Investigation of a New Pathway Forming Naphthalene by the Recombination Reaction of Cyclopentadienyl Radicals

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Cyclization ofO-Pentafluorobenzoyloxime Having (diene)Fe(CO)3Moiety

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First Observation of Precursory Structural Changes of Aliphatic Parts in the a- gamma Polymorphic Transition of DL-Norleucine by Temperature-Scanning Time-Resolved FT-IR Spectroscopy

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