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Current Biology is a general journal that publishes original research across all areas of biology together with an extensive and varied set of editorial sections. A primary aim of the journal is to foster communication across fields of biology, both by publishing important findings of general interest from diverse fields and through highly accessible editorial articles that explicitly aim to inform non-specialists. Current Biology publishes papers reporting findings in any area of biology that It has an SJR impact factor of 2,982.

Current Biology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: drosophila, protein, evolution, regulates, control, mitochondrial, nuclear, social, kinase, pattern, ...

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Current Biology


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Aims and Scope

drosophila, protein, evolution, regulates, control, mitochondrial, nuclear, social, kinase, pattern, early, dinosaur, complex, behavior, activity, drives, reveals, neurons, neural, regulation, signaling, size, visual, zebrafish,

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