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Dalton Transactions is a journal indexed in SJR in Inorganic Chemistry with an H index of 203. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,79 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,79.

Dalton Transactions focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: synthesis, complexes, properties, metal, coordination, ligands, characterization, complex, structure, based, ...

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Dalton Transactions


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Aims and Scope

synthesis, complexes, properties, metal, coordination, ligands, characterization, complex, structure, based, transfer, enhanced, photocatalytic, reactivity, structural,

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A unique coordination environment for an ion: EXAFS studies and bond valence model approach of the encapsulated cation in the Preyssler anion

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Preparation and properties of new Fe6 and Fe8 clusters of iron(iii) with tripodal ligands

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Manganese(ii)-carboxylate-pseudohalide systems derived from 1,4-bis(4-carboxylatopyridinium-1-methylene)benzene: structures and magnetism

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Steric control in the oligomerisation of phosphazane dimers; towards new phosphorus-nitrogen macrocycles

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CpRu(CO)2(BF4) and [CpFe(CO)2(THF)]+ on mesoporous silica as adsorbents for the removal of dibenzothiophenes from hydrocarbon solutions

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Spontaneous resolution of a diastereomeric ruthenium(ii) complex with an atropisomeric 4,4'-biquinazoline ligand

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A facile route to hetero-bimetallic Ti(iv)-alkali metal calix[4]arene complexes

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The synthesis and late transition metal chemistry of 7-aza-N-indolyl phosphines and the activity of their palladium complexes in CO-ethene co-polymerisation

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A theoretical study of the mechanisms of oxidation of ethylene by manganese oxo complexes

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Chemical and biological studies of gold(iii) complexes with uninegative bidentate N-N ligands

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Dinuclear copper and zinc complexes of a hexaazamacrocycle containing p-xylyl spacers and bridging anions: theoretical and spectroscopic studies

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Complexation of the caesium cation by the host p-tert-butylcalix[6]arene hexaacetamide

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Copper mediated living radical polymerisation: interactions between monomer and catalyst

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Synthesis and third-order nonlinear optical properties of [Mo3(µ3-S)(µ2-S2)3]4+clusters with maleonitriledithiolate, oxalate and thiocyanate ligands

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Embracing ligands. Synthesis, characterisation and the correlation between59Co NMR and ligand field parameters of Co(iii) complexes with a new class of nitrogen-thioether multidentate ligand

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Tertiary phosphine binding to pyridylazole chelated rhenium via substitution in phosphine oxide precursors: geometrical preference, twin isomerization and effects of diphosphine spacer length and metal oxidation state

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Complexes of 5,5'-aminoacido-substituted 2,2'-bipyridyl ligands: control of diastereoselectivity with a pH switch and a chloride-responsive combinatorial library

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Targeting synthetic analogues of the metallo-sulfur active sites of nickel enzymes capable of important catalysis

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Preparation and structure of [Sn8W18O66]8? ? a 26-nuclear stannotungstate with a hexagonal belt of six Sn(ii) ions with outward-looking lone pairs

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Organic-inorganic hybrids of imidazole complexes of palladium(ii), copper(ii) and zinc(ii). Crystals and liquid crystals

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Synthesis, structures and speciation studies of ruthenium(iii) hydroxamate/hydroximato complexes. Crystal and molecular structure of hydrated [Ru(H2edta)(2-methoxyphenylhydroxamate)], the first structurally characterised ruthenium(iii)-hydroxamate co

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Density functional theory investigations of the trivalent lanthanide and actinide extraction complexes with diglycolamides

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C-H Activation approaches for the application of molecular recognition to organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis

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C-H and C-C agostic interactions in cycloalkyl tris(pyrazolyl)boratoniobium complexes

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