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Developmental Neurobiology is a journal indexed in SJR in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience and Developmental Neuroscience with an H index of 126. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,944 and it has a best quartile of Q1.

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Developmental Neurobiology


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Best articles

A novel role for anosmin-1 in the adhesion and migration of oligodendrocyte precursors

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A proteomic approach to understand MMP-3-driven developmental processes in the postnatal cerebellum: Chaperonin CCT6A and MAP kinase as contributing factors

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A role for eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2B (eIF2B) in taste memory consolidation and in thermal control establishment during the critical period for sensory development

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a4beta2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the early postnatal mouse superior cervical ganglion

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Activity-dependent changes in the firing properties of neocortical fast-spiking interneurons in the absence of large changes in gene expression

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ATP and NO dually control migration of microglia to nerve lesions

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Behavioral genetics in larval zebrafish: Learning from the young

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Calcium signaling in neocortical development

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Cerebrospinal fluid flow increases from newborn to adult stages

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Changes in cell migration and survival in the olfactory bulb of thepcd/pcd mouse

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Characterization of brain cell nuclei with decondensed chromatin

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Comparison between supervised and unsupervised classifications of neuronal cell types: A case study

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Compartmentalization within neurites: Its mechanisms and implications

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Conservation and expression of IQ-domain-containing calpacitin gene products (neuromodulin/GAP-43, neurogranin/RC3) in the adult and developing oscine song control system

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Contribution of the neural cell recognition molecule NB-3 to synapse formation between parallel fibers and Purkinje cells in mouse

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DC electrical stimulation of the pretectal thalamus and its effects on the feeding behavior of the toad (Bufo bufo)

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Deafness and retinal degeneration in a novel USH1C knock-in mouse model

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Development of the innervation of the human inner ear

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Developmental experience alters information coding in auditory midbrain and forebrain neurons

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Developmental nicotine exposure enhances inhibitory synaptic transmission in motor neurons and interneurons critical for normal breathing

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Developmental shifts in gene expression in the auditory forebrain during the sensitive period for song learning

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Direct peptide profiling of lateral cell groups of the antennal lobes ofManduca sextareveals specific composition and changes in neuropeptide expression during development

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Disconnection of a basal ganglia circuit in juvenile songbirds attenuates the spectral differentiation of song syllables

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Dual role for Sox2 in specification of sensory competence and regulation of Atoh1 function

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