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Dyes and Pigments is a journal indexed in SJR in Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous) and Process Chemistry and Technology with an H index of 142. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,669 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,669.

Dyes and Pigments focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: dyes, spectra, residuesingletsinglet, pyrylium, pyranoanthocyanin, porphyrinfluoresceinporphyrineosin, pigments, pigment, nearinfrared, squarylium, ...

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Dyes and Pigments


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Aims and Scope

dyes, spectra, residuesingletsinglet, pyrylium, pyranoanthocyanin, porphyrinfluoresceinporphyrineosin, pigments, pigment, nearinfrared, squarylium, strongly, xoultraviolet, visible, unsymmetrical, trimethinecyanine, transfer, terephthalic, systems, strongmagnetic, nanosized, nanoparticles, linked, electrondonating, aminobisdiethylaminobithiazole, aqueous, biscarbocyanine, black, bluish, covalently, derived, dyesdirect, dyesproperties, electron, energy, heterodimerssynthesis, intramolecular, iso, lignin,

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Extended conjugation in di- and tri-arylmethane dyes. Part 5. Vinylogues and ethynologues of Victoria Blue

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Synthesis and fluorescence behaviour of some 3-cyano-4-substituted-6-pyrenyl-2-pyridone derivatives

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An investigation of the electronic spectral properties of the coloured photoproducts derived from some photochromic naphtho[2,1-b]pyrans

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Theoretical and practical aspects of the Tactel Coloursafe reactive dyeing system for modified nylon 6,6

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Disperse dyes containing a built-in oxalanilide stabilizer

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Photoinduced electron transfer processes of ruthenium tris(bipyridyl) and methylviologen doped in TiO2 system by the sol-gel method

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Conformational analysis of aminovinylpyrazine by semiempirical molecular orbital calculations

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Precise PPP molecular orbital calculations of excitation energies of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons part 3. Evaluation of the spectrochemical softness based on the model of composite molecules

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Dyeing of cotton fibres with disperse dyes in supercritical carbon dioxide

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The synthesis of binary zinc(II)-nickel(II) cyclo-tetraphosphates as new special pigments

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