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Earth and Planetary Science Letters is a journal indexed in SJR in Earth and Planetary Sciences (miscellaneous) and Space and Planetary Science with an H index of 232. It has a price of 2583 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,942 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Earth and Planetary Science Letters focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: earth, implications, kyr, iron, climate, earthquakes, earthquake, china, revealed, southeast, ...

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Earth and Planetary Science Letters


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Aims and Scope

earth, implications, kyr, iron, climate, earthquakes, earthquake, china, revealed, southeast, sea, relation, western, xray, years, southern, oxygen, atlantic, carbon, composition, continental, cretaceous, organic, gadolinium, global, greenland, isotope, magnetic, mantle, marine, measurements,

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138-121 Ma asthenospheric magmatism prior to continental break-up in the North Atlantic and geodynamic implications

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187Os/186Os in oceanic island basalts: tracing oceanic crust recycling in the mantle

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230Th232Th systematics in the central Pacific Ocean: The sources and the fates of thorium

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A geomagnetic jerk for the early 1990's

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A short note on the Paleocene-Eocene transition in DSDP Hole 550

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Absolute paleointensity between 60 and 400 ka from the Kohala Mountain (Hawaii)

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Analysis of Variscan dynamics; early bending of the Cantabria-Asturias Arc, northern Spain

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Challenges in constructing the age model for the Lake Baikal cores during the last glacial/interglacial transition: the response to M.A. Grachev

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Changes in hydrological conditions in the central Qing-Zang (Tibetan) Plateau inferred from lake bottom sediments

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Chlorine-36 evidence for the Mono Lake event in the Summit GRIP ice core

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Climate change during the last 150 million years: reconstruction from a carbon cycle model

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Coherent deep flow variation in the Iceland and American basins during the last interglacial

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Comment on 'Response of Lake Baikal ecosystem to climate forcing and pCO2 change over the Last Glacial/Interglacial transition'

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Comment on "Assessing the implications of K isotope cosmochemistry for evaporation in the preplanetary solar nebula" by E. Young

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Continents as lithological icebergs: the importance of buoyant lithospheric roots

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Copper and copper(II) porphyrins of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary at Stevns Klint (Denmark)

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Defect microstructures of minerals as a potential indicator of extremely rapid and episodic exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rock: implication to continental collision orogens

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Detection of mantle plumes in the lower mantle by diffraction tomography: theory

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Dynamic phase boundary topography by latent heat effects

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Early Tertiary gravity field reconstructions of the Southwest Pacific

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Effective middle surface of lithosphere

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Effects of interaction between ultramafic tectonite and mafic magma on Nd-Pb-Sr isotopic systems in the Neoproterozoic Chaya Massif, Baikal-Muya ophiolite belt

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Effects of temperature-dependent material properties and radioactive heat production on simple basin subsidence models

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Environmental magnetism of Antarctic Late Pleistocene sediments and interhemispheric correlation of climatic events

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