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Features distinguished editors-in-chief and an international editorial board Presents significant research, editorials, mini-reviews and special features This journal welcomes contributions that support and advance the UN's sustainable development goals, in particular SDG 14 Life Below Water and SDG 15 Life on Land. Reviews new tools and methods of broad interest to ecosystem scientists Publishes papers that integrate biotic, abiotic and social data across temporal and spatial scales, in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems 100% of authors who answered a survey reported that they would definitely publish or probably publish in the journal again The study and management of ecosystems represents the most dynamic field of contemporary ecology. Ecosystem research bridges fundamental ecology, environmental ecology and environmental problem-solving. The scope of ecosystem science extends from bounded systems such as watersheds to spatially complex landscapes, to the Earth itself, and crosses temporal scales from seconds to millennia. Ecosystem science has strong links to other disciplines including landscape ecology, global ecology, biogeochemistry, aquatic ecology, soil science, hydrology, ecological economics and conservation biology. Studies of ecosystems employ diverse approaches, including theory and modeling, long-term investigations, comparative research and large experiments. The journal Ecosystems features a distinguished team of editors-in-chief and an outstanding international editorial board, and is recognized worldwide as a home for significant research, editorials, mini-reviews and special features. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,427.

Ecosystems focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: spatial, carbon, food, mesic, plant, effects, tropical, pelagic, nevada, forest, ...

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Aims and Scope

spatial, carbon, food, mesic, plant, effects, tropical, pelagic, nevada, forest, nitrogen, microbial, complexity, ecosystemsunderstanding, ecosystemsquantitative, accrualcontrols, contribute, consumers, coastal, chronosequenceunexpected, chitin, centuryold, cellulose, california, biomeswholecatchment, biogeochemical, benthic,

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Interactions Across Spatial Scales among Forest Dieback, Fire, and Erosion in Northern New Mexico Landscapes

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Relating Climatic Dynamics in Time and Space to Ecological Responses, with Application to Australian Waterbirds

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Spatial Variation in Denitrification and N2O Emission in Relation to Nitrate Removal Efficiency in a N-stressed Riparian Buffer Zone

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A Theoretical Model of Pattern Formation in Coral Reefs

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Factors and Processes Shaping Land Cover and Land Cover Changes Along the Wisconsin River

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What Drives Ontogenetic Niche Shifts of Fishes in Coral Reef Ecosystems?

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Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Increases Root Exudation of Carbon in Wetlands: Results from the First Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Facility (FACE) in a Marshland

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Seasonal Patterns of Root Production with Water and Nitrogen Additions Across Three Dryland Ecosystems

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Direct and Indirect Drivers of Moss Community Structure, Function, and Associated Microfauna Across a Successional Gradient

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Canopy Carbon Gain and Water Use: Analysis of Old-growth Conifers in the Pacific Northwest

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Effects of Fathead Minnow Colonization and Removal on a Prairie Wetland Ecosystem

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Afforestation of Tropical Pasture Only Marginally Affects Ecosystem-Scale Evapotranspiration

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The Carbon Balance of an Old-growth Forest: Building Across Approaches

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Mass-Balance Analyses of Boreal Forest Population Cycles: Merging Demographic and Ecosystem Approaches

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Relationship of Salt Marsh Vegetation Zonation to Spatial Patterns in Soil Moisture, Salinity, and Topography

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The Wilderness Act and Fish Stocking: An Overview of Legislation, Judicial Interpretation, and Agency Implementation

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Functional Group Change within and across Scales following Invasions and Extinctions in the Everglades Ecosystem

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A Robust Technique for Mapping Vegetation Condition Across a Major River System

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Hydrologic Pathways during Snowmelt in First-order Stream Basins at the Turkey Lakes Watershed

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Nature?Society Dynamics, Policy Narratives, and Ecosystem Management: Integrating Perspectives On Upland Change and Complexity in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Social Vulnerability of Marine Resource Users to Extreme Weather Events

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Soil Organic Carbon is Increased in Mixed-Species Plantations of Eucalyptus and Nitrogen-Fixing Acacia

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