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Launched in 1982, The EMBO Journal publishes high quality research of broad interest and impact across molecular and cell biology with an emphasis on physiological relevance and molecular mechanism. The Journal is one of four journals owned and run by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) and published through EMBO Press with support from Wiley and HighWire Press. The journal welcomes submission of all articles, in particular on the following biological processes, investigated at a

EMBO Journal focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: protein, gene, response, cell, transcription, induction, receptor, dna, human, rna, ...

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protein, gene, response, cell, transcription, induction, receptor, dna, human, rna, nuclear, a?, cells, promotes, chain, virus, involved, assembly, factor, kinase, proteins, activation,

Best articles

A 70-kd protein of the yeast mitochondrial outer membrane is targeted and anchored via its extreme amino terminus.

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A cdc2-like kinase phosphorylates histone H1 in the amitotic macronucleus of Tetrahymena.

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A conserved upstream element is essential for transcription of the Leishmania tarentolae mini-exon gene.

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A membrane-associated complex containing the Vps15 protein kinase and the Vps34 PI 3-kinase is essential for protein sorting to the yeast lysosome-like vacuole.

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A non-canonical genetic code in an early diverging eukaryotic lineage.

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A novel protein kinase gene ssp1+ is required for alteration of growth polarity and actin localization in fission yeast.

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A receptor domain controls the intracellular sorting of the ferrichrome transporter, ARN1

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A specific DIF binding protein in Dictyostelium.

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A troponin switch that regulates muscle contraction by stretch instead of calcium

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ACBD3-mediated recruitment of PI4KB to picornavirus RNA replication sites

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Activation of the prespore and spore cell pathway of Dictyostelium differentiation by cAMP-dependent protein kinase and evidence for its upstream regulation by ammonia.

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Analysis of the mechanism of protection in transgenic plants expressing the potato virus X coat protein or its antisense RNA

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Asynchronous basepair openings in transcription initiation: CRP enhances the rate-limiting step

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At least 60 ADP-ribosylated variant histones are present in nuclei from dimethylsulfate-treated and untreated cells.

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Boca-dependent maturation of beta-propeller/EGF modules in low-density lipoprotein receptor proteins

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C/EBPbeta: lost beyond translation

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Change and continuity

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Constitutive versus regulated SNARE assembly: a structural basis

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dad-1, an endogenous programmed cell death suppressor in Caenorhabditis elegans and vertebrates.

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Deletion of complement C4 and steroid 21-hydroxylase genes in the HLA class III region.

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Developmentally and spatially regulated activation of a Dictyostelium STAT protein by a serpentine receptor

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Eight small subunits of Euglena ribulose 1-5 bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase are translated from a large mRNA as a polyprotein.

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Eo: a history of a mutation.

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Eucaryotic initiation factor 4B controls eIF3-mediated ribosomal entry of viral reinitiation factor

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