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Experimental Neurology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: disease, parkinsons, expression, stimulation, cells, nucleus, cerebral, subthalamic, fetal, injury, ...

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Experimental Neurology


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disease, parkinsons, expression, stimulation, cells, nucleus, cerebral, subthalamic, fetal, injury, nervous, mrna, axon, growth, tissue, white, mouse, motor, brain, derived, dopaminergic, attenuates, astrocytes, neuron, gene, human, huntingtons, innervation, matter, model, NA

Best articles

A re-assessment of the effects of intracortical delivery of inosine on transmidline growth of corticospinal tract axons after unilateral lesions of the medullary pyramid

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Aberrant retinothalamic projections resulting from unilateral tectal lesions made in fetal and neonatal rats

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Ablation of the subthalamic nucleus protects dopaminergic phenotype but not cell survival in a rat model of Parkinson's disease

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Acquired immobility response in weaver mutant mice

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Action of the lateral hypothalamic area on subfornical organ neurons projecting to the supraoptic nucleus in the rat

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Afferent excitability compared using pulsating versus constant direct current electroanalgesia in cat tooth pulp

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Age-related changes in oxidative capacity of the gastrocnemius muscle in normal and dystrophic (dy2Jdy2J) mice

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Alterations in IGF-I, BDNF and NT-3 levels following experimental brain trauma and the effect of IGF-I administration

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Amino acid transport by two glial cell lines and by proliferating glia

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Aminophylline-induced preictal alterations in cortical astrocytes

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Anterograde transport of horseradish peroxidase in the nigrostriatal pathway after neostriatal kainic acid lesions

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Astroglial response to degeneration of dorsal root fibers in adult rat spinal cord

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Axonal transport and transneuronal transfer in mouse visual system following injection of [3H]fucose into the eye

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Behavioral tests of compression of retinotectal projection after partial tectal ablation in goldfish

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Cardiac and respiratory relationships with neural discharge in the anterior cingulate cortex during sleep-waking states

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Cell death during normal development of the abducens nucleus

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Correlation between immobility reflex and electrocortical afterdischarges in rabbits

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Deficits in social behavior and reversal learning are more prevalent in male offspring of VIP deficient female mice

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Dietary pyridoxine and the susceptibility to limbic motor seizures in rats

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Discharges of Purkinje cells in monkey's flocculus during smooth-pursuit eye movements and visual stimulus movements

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DSP-4 treatment accelerates kindling

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Effect of high- and low-dose dexamethasone on regeneration of minced skeletal muscle autografts in rats

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Effect of hypothalamic stimulation on mesencephalic neurons

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Effect of pentobarbital on uptake of horseradish peroxidase by rabbit cortical synapses

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