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Free Radical Research is a journal indexed in SJR in Medicine (miscellaneous) and Biochemistry with an H index of 130. It has a price of 2840 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,714 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,714.

Free Radical Research focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: oxidative, haeme, hct, zinc, stress, oxygenase, damage, culture, davunetide, death, ...

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Free Radical Research


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Aims and Scope

oxidative, haeme, hct, zinc, stress, oxygenase, damage, culture, davunetide, death, degradation, deoxyguanosine, gliaozoneinduced, expression, fibrinogen, function, genes, glycinethe, hepatocytes, aldehydes, copperiiiron, conditionsdna, combination, cigarette, cellsupregulation, cellshemin, burst, activation, beneficial, atocopherol, aromatic, apoptotic, antioxidant, almondenriched,

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Hydrogen Abstraction Ability of Different Aromatic Nitroxides

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Dietary Nitrate Inhibits Stress-induced Gastric Mucosal Injury in the Rat

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Localization of a-Tocopherol Transfer Protein in Trophoblast, Fetal Capillaries' Endothelium and Amnion Epithelium of Human Term Placenta

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The Effect of Gestational Age and Labour on Markers of Lipid and Protein Oxidation in Cord Plasma

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Enhancement of Radiation-induced Apoptosis by 6-Formylpterin

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Serum Malondialdehyde Correlates with Therapeutic Efficiency of High Activity Antiretroviral Therapies (HAART) in HIV-1 Infected Children

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Oxidative Stress in Very Low Birth Weight Infants As Measured by Urinary 8-OHdG

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Neopterin and 7,8-Dihydroneopterin Interfere With Low Density Lipoprotein Oxidation Mediated by Peroxynitrite and/or Copper

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First Asia Pacific Conference and Exhibition on Anti-Ageing Medicine 2002: From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapies, June 23-26, 2002, Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore

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Glycated Proteins Can Enhance Photooxidative Stress in Aged and Diabetic Lenses

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Oxysterols As Indices of Oxidative Stress in Man After Paraquat Ingestion

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Imaging mitochondrial reactive oxygen species with fluorescent probes: Current applications and challenges

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Oxidative Stress is Evident in Erythrocytes as well as Plasma in Patients Undergoing Heart Surgery Involving Cardiopulmonary Bypass

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Peroxyl Radical Scavenging Activities of Hamamelitannin in Chemical and Biological Systems

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OCC Meeting Report: OCC 2004 World Congress

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Pharmacology, Genomics, and the Evolutionary Biology of Ageing

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Anti-inflammatory Effects of Melaleuca alternifolia Essential Oil on Human Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils and Monocytes

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Lysozyme Modification by the Fenton Reaction and Gamma Radiation

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Ubiquinol and a Coenzyme Q Reducing System Protect Platelet Mitochondrial Function of Transfusional Buffy Coats from Oxidative Stress

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Lipophilic Antioxidants in Human Sebum and Aging

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Liver Necrosis Induced by Acute Intraperitoneal Ethanol Administration in Aged Rats

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Endothelial NO Synthase (eNOS) phosphorylation regulates coronary diameter during ischemia-reperfusion in association with oxidative stress

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Towards in vivo melanin radicals detection in melanomas by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy: a proof-of-concept study

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Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein is Greatly Modified by Oxidative Stress in Aceruloplasminemia Brain

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