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Genomics focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: human, gene, chromosome, mouse, genes, receptor, cloning, mapping, characterization, expression, ...

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human, gene, chromosome, mouse, genes, receptor, cloning, mapping, characterization, expression, region, organization, chromosomal, localization, dna, expressed, protein, genomic, q, murine, assignment, NA

Best articles

A Common Set of at Least 11 Functional Genes Is Lost in the Majority of NF1 Patients with Gross Deletions

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A computational approach to measuring coherence of gene expression in pathways

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A family of human Y chromosomes has dispersed throughout northern Eurasia despite a 1.8-Mb deletion in the azoospermia factor c region

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A High-Resolution Map in the Chromosomal Region Surrounding theLpsLocus

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A Novel Human GeneFKBP6Is Deleted in Williams Syndrome

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A protein encoded by a member of the multicopy Ssty gene family located on the long arm of the mouse Y chromosome is expressed during sperm development

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A systematic analysis of human CHMP protein interactions: Additional MIT domain-containing proteins bind to multiple components of the human ESCRT III complex

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Amino acids runs and genomic compositional biases in vertebrates

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Analysis of gene expression profiles of gastric normal and cancer tissues by SAGE

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Analysis of MHC Genomic Structure and Gene Content between HLA-B and TNF Using Yeast Artificial Chromosomes

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Association of variations in monoamine oxidases A and B with Parkinson's disease subgroups

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Bridging expressed sequence alignments through targeted cDNA sequencing

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Characterization of a new mRNA species from the human histamine N-methyltransferase gene

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Characterization of the bombesin-like peptide receptor family in primates

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Characterization of the genomic structure of the mouse limbic system-associated membrane protein (Lsamp) gene

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Characterization of the segmental duplication LCR7-20 in the human genome

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Cloning and Characterization of HARP/SMARCAL1: A Prokaryotic HepA-Related SNF2 Helicase Protein from Human and Mouse

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Cloning and expression of a mouse member of the PLUNC protein family exclusively expressed in tongue epithelium

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Cloning of Human Striatin cDNA (STRN), Gene Mapping to 2p22-p21, and Preferential Expression in Brain

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Cloning, Chromosomal Mapping, and Regulatory Properties of the Human Type 9 Adenylyl Cyclase (ADCY9)

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Comparative analysis of a 229-kb medaka genomic region, containing the zic1 and zic4 genes, with Fugu , human, and mouse

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Comparative sequence analysis of imprinted genes between human and mouse to reveal imprinting signatures

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Complete cDNA and 5' Genomic Sequences and Multilevel Regulation of the Mouse Catalase Gene

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Degeneration of an ATP-binding cassette transporter gene, ABCC13, in different mammalian lineages

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