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Society of Exploration Geophysicists United States
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Geophysics is a journal indexed in SJR in Energy (miscellaneous) and Geophysics with an H index of 212. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,438 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,438.

Geophysics focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: seismic, field, electromagnetic, attenuation, sonic, theory, tomography, western, waveform, measurements, ...

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Aims and Scope

seismic, field, electromagnetic, attenuation, sonic, theory, tomography, western, waveform, measurements, d, anisotropy, cylindrical, filterseparation, earth’s, earthquake, east, cyclic, crust, andpwave, audio, canadathe, compacted, comparisonelectroseismic, complex, considerations, correctiona, crosshole, crosswell,

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Downhole seismic imaging of a massive sulfide orebody with mode-converted waves, Halfmile lake, New Brunswick, Canada

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Impedance-type approximations of the P-P elastic reflection coefficient: Modeling and AVO inversion

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UXO detection and identification based on intrinsic target polarizabilities - A case history

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Effective anisotropy of layered media

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Borehole electrical resistivity modeling using neural networks

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The effect of local distortions on time-domain electromagnetic measurements

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3-D inversions of magnetic gradiometer data in archeological prospecting: Possibilities and limitations

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Robust and accelerated Bayesian inversion of marine controlled-source electromagnetic data using parallel tempering

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Least-squares inversion of in-situ sonic Q measurements: Stability and resolution

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Processing-induced anisotropy

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Detecting metal objects in magnetic environments using a broadband electromagnetic method

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Numerical analysis of the azimuth moveout operator for vertically inhomogeneous media

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Feasibility analysis for time-lapse seafloor gravity monitoring of producing gas fields in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, offshore Australia

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VSP traveltime inversion for linear inhomogeneity and elliptical anisotropy

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VSP traveltime inversion: Near-surface issues

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Divergent and asymptotic nature of the time-offset Taner-Koehler series in reflection seismics

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Near-surface seismic properties for elastic wavefield decomposition: Estimates based on multicomponent land and seabed recordings

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The electromagnetic smoke ring in a transversely isotropic medium

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3D resistivity mapping of airborne EM data

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GEM-2A: A programmable broadband helicopter-towed electromagnetic sensor

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3-D ray modeling by wavefront construction in open models

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Inversion of gravity-field inclination to map the basement relief of sedimentary basins

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Analysis of image gathers in factorized VTI media

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Inversion of magnetotelluric data for 2D structure with sharp resistivity contrasts

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