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IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: power, performance, target, multipleimpulse, motion, module, models, mms, methods, measurement, ...

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IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems


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power, performance, target, multipleimpulse, motion, module, models, mms, methods, measurement, navigation, nonmaneuvering, orientations, outputsfunctional, performancebearingsonly, platformcovariancebased, position, processor, pulse, maneuvering, manchester, management, clutter, d, datacomparison, designevaluating, detectionnew, doppler, efficient, electronic, estimation, failure, fskpowerful, fusion, fusionf, interfaces, NA

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10 F grid-connection PV power inverter with partial active power filter

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3-D E-CSAR imaging of a T-72 tank and synthesis of its SARr reconstructions

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3-D Imaging of Vehicles using Wide Aperture Radar

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A New Local Polynomial Modeling Based Variable Forgetting Factor and Variable Regularized PAST Algorithm for Subspace Tracking

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Accuracy limits in multi-GNSS

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ACSS for paralleled multi-inverter systems with DSP-based robust controls

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Algorithm of earth-centered earth-fixed coordinates to geodetic coordinates

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Analysis of an adaptive algorithm for unbiased multipath time delay estimation

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Analysis, design, and practical considerations for 500 W power factor correctors

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Application of successive interference cancellation to the GPS pseudolite near-far problem

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Approximating the SNR value in detection problems

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Bomb damage assessment using a dispensed sensor projectile

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Canonical Scattering Feature Models for 3D and Bistatic SAR

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Censoring sensors: a low-communication-rate scheme for distributed detection

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Compensation for the mutual coupling effect in uniform circular arrays for 2D DOA estimations employing the maximum likelihood technique

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Correlation between horizontal and vertical monopulse measurements

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CPHD Filter Birth Modeling Using the Probabilistic Admissible Region

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Cyclostationarity-exploiting direction finding algorithms

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Design and application of quadratic correlation filters for target detection

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Design and evaluation of a hybrid passive/active ripple filter with voltage injection

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Design of the TRIO system-on-chip for aerospace

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Design optimization for asymmetrical ZVS-PWM zeta converter

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Distributed target detection in compound-gaussian noise with rao and wald tests

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Dual-frequency distortion predictions for the cutler VLF array

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