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IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering is a journal indexed in SJR in Biomedical Engineering with an H index of 185. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,41 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering


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Best articles

2004 Reviewers List

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A fast, digitally controlled flow proportional gas injection system for studies in lung function

View more

A Kalman filter approach to track fast impedance changes in electrical impedance tomography

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A quantitative analysis of pendular motion of the lower leg in spastic human subjects

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A Quasi-Static Boundary Element Approach With Fast Multipole Acceleration for High-Resolution Bioelectromagnetic Models

View more

A Radio-Telemetry System With a Shape Memory Alloy Microelectrode for Neural Recording of Freely Moving Insects

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A Surface EMG Generation Model With Multilayer Cylindrical Description of the Volume Conductor

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A Three-Dimensional Kinematic and Dynamic Study of the Lower Limb During the Stance Phase of Gait Using an Homogeneous Matrix Approach

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A Wearable Cardiac Monitor for Long-Term Data Acquisition and Analysis

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An EEMD-IVA Framework for Concurrent Multidimensional EEG and Unidimensional Kinematic Data Analysis

View more

An IC-PLS Framework for Group Corticomuscular Coupling Analysis

View more

An Interference Cancellation Algorithm for Noninvasive Extraction of Transabdominal Fetal Electroencephalogram (TaFEEG)

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Analysis of a novel expanded tip wire (ETW) antenna for microwave ablation of cardiac arrhythmias

View more

Analysis of efficiency of magnetic stimulation

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Automatic Detection of Pathological Voices Using Complexity Measures, Noise Parameters, and Mel-Cepstral Coefficients

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Automatic Detection of Voice Impairments by Means of Short-Term Cepstral Parameters and Neural Network Based Detectors

View more

Autonomous Unobtrusive Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults

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Ceramic-Based Multisite Electrode Arrays for Chronic Single-Neuron Recording

View more

Characterization and imaging of compositional variation in tissues

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Coupling of Radial-Basis Network and Active Contour Model for Multispectral Brain MRI Segmentation

View more

Deep Entry of Defibrillating Effects Into Homogeneous Cardiac Tissue

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Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Modeling of Different Coil Configurations

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Design of an Integrated Sensor for In Vivo Simultaneous Electrocontractile Cardiac Mapping

View more

Detection of Basal Cell Carcinoma Using Electrical Impedance and Neural Networks

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