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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. United States
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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications is a journal indexed in SJR in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering with an H index of 186. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,5 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: control, drives, system, machine, electric, threephase, electrostatic, commonmode, fault, power, ...

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


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Aims and Scope

control, drives, system, machine, electric, threephase, electrostatic, commonmode, fault, power, inverters, devices, effects, induction, technique, part, dc, arc, converterreduced, brokenbar, brushless, cablesprotective, capacitors,

Best articles

"Correction to ""Sensorless Speed Measurement of AC Machines Using Analytic Wavelet Transform"

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A Better Understanding of Harmonic Distortion in the Petrochemical Industry

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A comprehensive design methodology for switched reluctance machines

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A Generalized Switched Inductor Cell Modular Multilevel Inverter

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A High-Speed Protection Circuit for IGBTs Subjected to Hard-Switching Faults

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A Low-Cost Electric Field Energy Harvester for an MV/HV Asset-Monitoring Smart Sensor

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A novel microcontroller-based sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive for automotive fuel pumps

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A planar multicell structure for advanced integrated reactive power modules

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A study on eddy-current losses in rotors of surface permanent-magnet synchronous machines

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A Visualization Tool for Real-Time Dynamic Contingency Screening and Remedial Actions

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Acquisition of Rotor Anisotropy Signals in Sensorless Position Control Systems

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Aluminum Surface Treatment Using Three Different Plasma-Assisted Dry Chemical Processes

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An advanced low-cost sensorless induction motor drive

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An AMI System for the Deregulated Electricity Markets

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An Analysis of Electrostatic Deposition of Particulate Solids

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An Equivalent Internal Circuit of the Induction Machine for Advanced Spectral Analysis

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Analysis of Single-Phase Line-Start Permanent-Magnet Motor Considering Iron Loss and Parameter Variation With Load Angle

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Application of Bi-State Magnetic Material to Automotive Offset-Coupled IPM Starter/Alternator Machine

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Arc-Fault Protection of Branch Circuits, Cords, and Connected Equipment

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Bearing Fault Detection via Autoregressive Stator Current Modeling

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Characteristics of Speed Sensorless Vector Controlled Dual Induction Motor Drive Connected in Parallel Fed by a Single Inverter

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Charge Relaxation Due to Surface Conduction on an Insulating Sheet Near a Grounded Conducting Plane

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Combined Microwave and Accelerated Electron Beam Irradiation Facilities for Applied Physics and Chemistry

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Comparative study of 3-D flux electrical machines with soft magnetic composite cores

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