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Immunity publishes papers that report the most important advances in immunology research. The range of subjects includes, but is not limited to, immune cell development and senescence, signal transduction, gene regulation, innate and adaptive immunity, autoimmunity, infectious disease, allergy and asthma, transplantation, and tumor immunology. We also encourage the submission of manuscripts that pertain to related areas of research but have broad implications for immune responses in all aspects of human and experimental animal biology. It has an SJR impact factor of 13,578.

Immunity focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: t, cell, cells, receptor, immune, promotes, protein, factor, formation, interactions, ...

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Aims and Scope

t, cell, cells, receptor, immune, promotes, protein, factor, formation, interactions, transcription, activation, dendritic, cytokine, human, repressing, reveals, homeostasis, enteric, function, functional, gene, generation, germinal, granuloma, growth, helper,

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High Glucose Intake Exacerbates Autoimmunity through Reactive-Oxygen-Species-Mediated TGF-beta Cytokine Activation

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RETRACTED: Autoimmunity as the Consequence of a Spontaneous Mutation in Rasgrp1

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The AIM2-like Receptors Are Dispensable for the Interferon Response to Intracellular DNA

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The Cytosolic Endopeptidase, Thimet Oligopeptidase, Destroys Antigenic Peptides and Limits the Extent of MHC Class I Antigen Presentation

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Mature T Cells Depend on Signaling through the IKK Complex

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The Histone Methyltransferase Setdb2 Modulates Macrophage Phenotype and Uric Acid Production in Diabetic Wound Repair

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It's a Good Year for Blimp-1 (and Plasma Cells)

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Paralysis of Dendritic Cell IL-12 Production by Microbial Products Prevents Infection-Induced Immunopathology

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A Stress-Induced, Superoxide-Mediated Caspase-1 Activation Pathway Causes Plasma IL-18 Upregulation

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Interleukin-27: Balancing Protective and Pathological Immunity

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Inhibition of Thl responses prevents inflammatory bowel disease in scid mice reconstituted with CD45RBhi CD4+ T cells

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Nucleic Acid-Sensing Toll-like Receptors Are Essential for the Control of Endogenous Retrovirus Viremia and ERV-Induced Tumors

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Colony-Stimulating Factor-1-Dependent Macrophages Are Responsible for IVIG Protection in Antibody-Induced Autoimmune Disease

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IL-4 Rapidly Produced by Vbeta4 Va8 CD4+ T Cells Instructs Th2 Development and Susceptibility to Leishmania major in BALB/c Mice

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IL-4 Utilizes an Alternative Receptor to Drive Apoptosis of Th1 Cells and Skews Neonatal Immunity toward Th2

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Intracellular Pathogens and Antigen Presentation - New Challenges with Legionella Pneumophila

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The Immunoglobulin Class Switch: Beyond "Accessibility"

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The Src Family Kinases Hck and Fgr Negatively Regulate Neutrophil and Dendritic Cell Chemokine Signaling via PIR-B

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Prediction and Pathogenesis in Type 1 Diabetes

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IL-6 trans-Signaling

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Biological Insights into TCR gammad+ and TCRabeta+ Intraepithelial Lymphocytes Provided by Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE)

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The Immunological Barrier to Xenotransplantation

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Cytosolic DNA Sensing: The Field Narrows

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