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International Journal of Coal Geology is a journal indexed in SJR in Fuel Technology and Geology with an H index of 123. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,352 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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International Journal of Coal Geology


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Best articles

13C NMR, micro-FTIR and fluorescence spectra, and pyrolysis-gas chromatograms of coalified foliage of late Carboniferous medullosan seed ferns, Nova Scotia, Canada: Implications for coalification and chemotaxonomy

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A drowned lycopsid forest above the Mahoning coal (Conemaugh Group, Upper Pennsylvanian) in eastern Ohio, U.S.A.

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A fault-related coalification anomaly in the Blanzy-Montceau Coal Basin (Massif Central, France)

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A geostatistical approach to predicting sulfur content in the Pittsburgh coal bed

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A method for development of a system of identification for Appalachian coal-bearing rocks

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A possible link between Balkan endemic nephropathy and the leaching of toxic organic compounds from Pliocene lignite by groundwater: preliminary investigation

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Abundance of sulfur in Eocene coal beds from Bapung, Northeast India

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Alexander (Alex) Rankin Cameron

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Analysis of atmospheric particulate matter; application of optical and selected geochemical techniques

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Analytical variation in Australian coals related to coal type and rank

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Assessing the maturity of coals and other rocks from North America using the fluorescence alteration of multiple macerals (FAMM) technique

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Assessment of compositional variation in duplicate samples of pelletized coal

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Atlas for coal petrography of China

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Biological processes controlling the development of modern peat-forming ecosystems

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Calculation of reflectance values for two models of texture of carbon materials

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Case study evaluation of geological influences impacting mining conditions at a West Virginia longwall mine

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Changes in the quality of coal delivered to Kentucky power plants, 1978 to 1997: responses to Clean Air Act directives

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Channel-fill coal beds along the western margin of the Eastern Kentucky Coal Field

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Characterisation of brown coal humic acids and modified humic acids using pyrolysis gcms and other techniques

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Chemical composition of macerals in bituminous coals of the Gunnedah Basin, Australia, using electron microprobe analysis techniques

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Classification of torbanite and cannel coal

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Coal and coal-bearing strata as oil-prone source rocks

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Coal deposition in the Noric Depression (Eastern Alps): raised and low-lying mires in Miocene pull-apart basins

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Coal facies and depositional environments of the Aurora and Cabeza de Vaca Units, Peñarroya-Belmez-Espiel Coalfield (Cordoba, Spain)

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