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International Journal of Pharmaceutics is a journal indexed in SJR in Pharmaceutical Science with an H index of 204. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,081 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

International Journal of Pharmaceutics focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: delivery, release, characterization, drug, nanoparticles, carrier, properties, parameters, liposomes, lipid, ...

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International Journal of Pharmaceutics


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Aims and Scope

delivery, release, characterization, drug, nanoparticles, carrier, properties, parameters, liposomes, lipid, vitro, cancer, effect, system, systems, chitosan, anticancer, absorption, size, carriers, biocompatibility,

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A note on the solution chemistry of carboplatin in aqueous solutions

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A simple model for the prediction of corneal permeability

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Absorption enhancement of captopril in the rat colon as a putative method for captopril delivery by extended release formulations

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Bioavailability of the sedative propiomazine after nasal administration in rats

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Captopril gastrointestinal therapeutic system coated with cellulose acetate pseudolatex: evaluation of main effects of several formulation variables

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Characterisation of fatty acid multilayers using a TSM biosensor

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Characterisation of instantaneous water absorption properties of pharmaceutical excipients

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Characteristics of drug substances in oily solutions. Drug release rate, partitioning and solubility

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Characterization of subcutaneous Contramid® implantation: host response and delivery of a potent analog of the growth hormone-releasing factor

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Chitosan sponges as sustained release drug carriers

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Comparison between aqueous and non-aqueous solvent evaporation methods for microencapsulation of drug-resin complexes

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Controlled release of ethinylestradiol from ethylene-vinyl acetate membrane

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Controlled-release liquid suspensions based on ion-exchange particles entrapped within acrylic microcapsules

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Cross-linked beta-cyclodextrin microcapsules. II. Retarding effect on drug release through semi-permeable membranes

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Crystal structure and thermal behavior of nedocromil nickel octahydrate

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Cyclodextrins and drug permeability through semi-permeable cellophane membranes

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Cytotoxicity of magnetite-loaded polylactide, polylactide/glycolide particles and solid lipid nanoparticles

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Design of prolonged-release microcapsules containing diclofenac sodium for oral suspensions and their preparation by the Wurster process

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Development of a minimum-calcium Caco-2 monolayer model: Calcium and magnesium ions retard the transport of pamidronate

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Development of spray-dried acetaminophen microparticles using experimental designs

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Differential scanning calorimetry of human and animal stratum corneum membranes

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Direct compression properties of melt-extruded isomalt

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Dry adsorbed emulsion: 2. Dissolution behaviour of an intricate formulation

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Dry powder inhaler: influence of humidity on topology and adhesion studied by AFM

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