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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) United States
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Journal of Biomechanical Engineering is a journal indexed in SJR in Biomedical Engineering and Physiology (medical) with an H index of 121. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,683 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English.

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Journal of Biomechanical Engineering


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Best articles

3-D Anatomically Based Dynamic Modeling of the Human Knee to Include Tibio-Femoral and Patello-Femoral Joints

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3-D Model of a Total Hip Replacement In Vivo Providing Hydrodynamic Pressure and Film Thickness for Walking and Bicycling

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A Cellular Solid Model for Modulus Reduction Due to Resorption of Trabeculae in Bone

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A Closed Shell Structured Eyeball Model With Application to Radial Keratotomy

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A Fiber Matrix Model for the Growth of Macromolecular Leakage Spots in the Arterial Intima

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A Fluid-Structure Interaction Finite Element Analysis of Pulsatile Blood Flow Through a Compliant Stenotic Artery

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A Frontal Plane Model of the Lumbar Spine Subjected to a Follower Load: Implications for the Role of Muscles

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A Left Ventricle Model to Predict Post-Revascularization Ejection Fraction Based on Cine Magnetic Resonance Images

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A Method for Predicting Collagen Fiber Realignment in Non-Planar Tissue Surfaces as Applied to Glenohumeral Capsule During Clinically Relevant Deformation

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A New Fundamental Bioheat Equation for Muscle Tissue - Part II: Temperature of SAV Vessels

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A New View of Convective-Diffusive Transport Processes in the Arterial Intima

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A Novel Injectable Collagen Matrix: In Vitro Characterization and In Vivo Evaluation

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A Real-Time Programmable Pulsatile Flow Pump for In Vitro Cardiovascular Experimentation

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A Single Integral Finite Strain Viscoelastic Model of Ligaments and Tendons

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A Structural Model for the Flexural Mechanics of Nonwoven Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

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A Theoretical Analysis of Damage Evolution in Skeletal Muscle Tissue With Reference to Pressure Ulcer Development

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Alterations in the Mechanical Properties of the Human Chondrocyte Pericellular Matrix With Osteoarthritis

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Altered Mechanical Behavior of Epicardium Under Isothermal Biaxial Loading

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An Asymptotic Model of Unsteady Airway Reopening

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An In Vivo Method for Measuring Turbulence in Mechanical Prosthesis Leakage Jets

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An Integrated Finite-Element Approach to Mechanics, Transport and Biosynthesis in Tissue Engineering

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Analysis of the Dynamic Permeation Experiment with Implication to Cartilaginous Tissue Engineering

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Anisotropic Hydraulic Permeability Under Finite Deformation

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Benchmark Solution for the Prediction of Temperature Distributions During Radiofrequency Ablation of Cardiac Tissue

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