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Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A is a journal indexed in SJR in Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering with an H index of 150. It has a price of 2970 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,849 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: marrow, endothelial, stem, cells, extracellular, differentiation, mesenchymal, fiber, effect, matrix, ...

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Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A


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marrow, endothelial, stem, cells, extracellular, differentiation, mesenchymal, fiber, effect, matrix, tissue, calcium, alginate, scaffolds, phosphate, behavior, bone, cellderived, biologically, biomaterials, biomedical, catanionic, cell,

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Adherent apatite coating on titanium substrate using chemical deposition

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Amorphous and crystalline polyetheretherketone: Mechanical properties and tissue reactions during a 3-year follow-up

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An aligned nanofibrous collagen scaffold by electrospinning and its effects onin vitro fibroblast culture

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An in vitro study of plasticized poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) films as possible guided tissue regeneration membranes: Material properties and drug release kinetics

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Autologous fibrin scaffolds cultured dermal fibroblasts and enriched with encapsulated bFGF for tissue engineering

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Biocompatibility improvement of titanium implants by coating with hybrid materials synthesized by sol-gel technique

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Biodegradable poly(ether-ester) multiblock copolymers for controlled release applications

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Biodegradation of high-toughness double network hydrogels as potential materials for artificial cartilage

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Biological behavior of fibroblast on contractile collagen hydrogel crosslinked by gamma-irradiation

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Biophysicochemical evaluation of chitosan-hydroxyapatite-marine sponge collagen composite for bone tissue engineering

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Bone bioelectricity: What have we learned in the past 160 years?

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Cell toxicity of methacrylate monomers-The role of glutathione adduct formation

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Cellular evaluation of oral chemotherapy carriers

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Complement inhibition reduces material-induced leukocyte activation with PEG modified polystyrene beads (Tentagel‚Ñ¢) but not polystyrene beads

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Constitutive formulations for the mechanical investigation of colonic tissues

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Controlled release niosome embedded chitosan system: Effect of crosslink mesh dimensions on drug release

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