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Journal of Biotechnology is a journal indexed in SJR in Medicine (miscellaneous) and Biotechnology with an H index of 156. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,901 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English.

Journal of Biotechnology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: production, escherichia, genes, human, characterization, cell, cells, alcaligenes, recombinant, sequencing, ...

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Journal of Biotechnology


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production, escherichia, genes, human, characterization, cell, cells, alcaligenes, recombinant, sequencing, oxidase, process, protein, activity, multiple, xylanase, synthesis, glutamicum, expression, coli, corynebacterium,

Best articles

A three-step strategy for targeting drug carriers to human ovarian carcinoma cells in vitro

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Activity of tyrosol glucosyltransferase and improved salidroside production through biotransformation of tyrosol in Rhodiola sachalinensis cell cultures

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Adsorptive immobilization of erythrocyte membrane

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Alzheimer tau test and detergent cellulase

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Analysis of DNA-microarrays produced by inverse in situ oligonucleotide synthesis

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Animal and plant cell technology: A critical evaluation of the technology/society interface1Based on the Keynote lecture of the EFB Working Party event, `Animal and plant cell culture technology', at the 8th European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB8)

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Anthocyanin production from Vaccinium pahalae: limitations of the physical microenvironment

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Aquaculture of sponges on scallops for natural products research and antifouling

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Bioprocess monitoring: An optical biosensor for rapid bioproduct analysis

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Bioprocessing in microgravity: free flow electrophoresis of C. elegans DNA

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Changes during subclone development and ageing of human antibody-producing recombinant CHO cells

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Chemoenzymatical grafting of acrylamide onto lignin

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Coimmobilization of glucoamylase and glucose isomerase by molecular deposition technique for one-step conversion of dextrin to fructose

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Comparison of particulate and continuous-bed columns for protein displacement chromatography

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Continuous ethanol production from pineapple cannery waste using immobilized yeast cells

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Corrigendum to "Comparison of gene structures and enzymatic properties between two endoglucanases from Humicola grisea"

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Deinking of soy bean oil based ink printed paper with lipases and a neutral surfactant

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Development of tailor-made glycidyl methacrylate-divinyl benzene copolymer for immobilization of d-amino acid oxidase from Aspergillus species strain 020 and its application in the bioconversion of cephalosporin C

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Dissolved oxygen concentration in serum-free continuous culture affects N-linked glycosylation of a monoclonal antibody

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Effect of nitrogen source and nitrogen concentration on the production of pyruvate by Torulopsis glabrata

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Effects of additives on the activity of a covalently immobilised lipase in organic media

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Effects of mutations in the starch-binding domain of Bacillus macerans cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase

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Effects of Pluronic F-68 on Tetrahymena cells: protection against chemical and physical stress and prolongation of survival under toxic conditions

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Electrically stimulated induction of hsp70 gene expression in mouse astroglia and fibroblast cells

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