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The aim of Journal of Experimental Botany (JXB) is to publish papers that advance our understanding of plant biology. Original research should provide new information on fundamental processes or mechanisms including those underpinning the improvement of plants for the sustainable production of food, fuel and renewable materials. When considering if a paper is suitable, consideration will be given to the breadth and significance of the work to the plant science community. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,616.

Journal of Experimental Botany focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: plant, cell, root, water, wheat, remodelling, reactive, breed, photosynthesis, oxygen, ...

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Journal of Experimental Botany


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Aims and Scope

plant, cell, root, water, wheat, remodelling, reactive, breed, photosynthesis, oxygen, effect, lettuce, leaf, growth, germination, formation, resolution, salinity, species, death, control, factor, wood, useefficient, tobacco, tissue, structure, Photosynthesis, Plant growth, plant development, plant cell biology, plant metabolism, plant-environment interactions, crop molecular genetics

Best articles

A citrus abscission agent induces anoxia- and senescence-related gene expression in Arabidopsis

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A single gene, AIN, in Medicago truncatula mediates a hypersensitive response to both bluegreen aphid and pea aphid, but confers resistance only to bluegreen aphid

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A small indel mutation in an anthocyanin transporter causes variegated colouration of peach flowers

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A transgene encoding a blue-light receptor, phot1, restores blue-light responses in the Arabidopsis phot1 phot2 double mutant

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Activities of starch hydrolytic enzymes and sucrose-phosphate synthase in the stems of rice subjected to water stress during grain filling

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Adhesion and guidance in compatible pollination

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ADL2a, like ADL2b, is involved in the control of higher plant mitochondrial morphology*

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An -crystallin gene, ACD31.2 from Arabidopsis is negatively regulated by FPF1 overexpression, floral induction, gibberellins, and long days

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Applications of metabolic modelling to plant metabolism

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Arabidopsis thaliana RALF1 opposes brassinosteroid effects on root cell elongation and lateral root formation

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AtrbohD and AtrbohF positively regulate abscisic acid-inhibited primary root growth by affecting Ca2+ signalling and auxin response of roots in Arabidopsis

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Biomarkers for grain yield stability in rice under drought stress

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Boron Requirement for Envelope Structure and Function inAnabaenaPCC 7119 Heterocysts

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Brief exposure to low-pH stress causes irreversible damage to the growing root in

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Buffered delivery of phosphate to Arabidopsis alters responses to low phosphate

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Catching a 'hopeful monster': shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris) as a model system to study the evolution of flower development

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Characterization in maize of ZmTIP2-3, a root-specific tonoplast intrinsic protein exhibiting aquaporin activity

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Chemical inhibition of potato ABA-8'-hydroxylase activity alters in vitro and in vivo ABA metabolism and endogenous ABA levels but does not affect potato microtuber dormancy duration

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Cold acclimation and low temperature resistance in cotton: Gossypium hirsutum phospholipase Da isoforms are differentially regulated by temperature and light

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Commercial hybrids and mutant genotypes reveal complex protective roles for inducible terpenoid defenses in maize

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Complementary interactions between oxidative stress and auxins control plant growth responses at plant, organ, and cellular level

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Control of cytoplasmic pH under anoxic conditions and its implication for plasma membrane proton transport inMedicago sativaroot hairs

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CsPLDa1 and CsPLD gamma1 are differentially induced during leaf and fruit abscission and diurnally regulated in Citrus sinensis

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CYP94-mediated jasmonoyl-isoleucine hormone oxidation shapes jasmonate profiles and attenuates defence responses to Botrytis cinerea infection

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