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Journal of Hepatology is a journal indexed in SJR in Hepatology with an H index of 243. It has an SJR impact factor of 7,112 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Journal of Hepatology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: liver, hepatitis, chronic, patients, fibrosis, hepatocellular, risk, multicenter, randomized, carcinoma, ...

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Categories: Hepatology (Q1)

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Journal of Hepatology


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Aims and Scope

liver, hepatitis, chronic, patients, fibrosis, hepatocellular, risk, multicenter, randomized, carcinoma, nonalcoholic, combination, acid, bile, quantification, human, virus, disease, european, fatty, results, safety, treatment, hcv,

Best articles

a1-Adrenoceptor activation is a prerequisite for octreotide-induced vasoconstriction in the rat superior mesenteric artery

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Absence of hepatitis C viral infection among patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome

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Acinar and cellular distribution and mRNA expression of the epidermal growth factor receptor are changed during liver regeneration

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Activation of c-Src gene product in hepatocellular carcinoma is highly correlated with the indices of early stage phenotype

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Acute hepatocellular injury associated with zafirlukast

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Acute schistosoma mansoni infection in the liver

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Adjuvant therapy for interferon-resistant patients: do cyclooxygenase inhibitors have any role? A pilot study

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Agmatine induces apoptosis in rat hepatocyte cultures

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Alterations of Na+,K+-ATPase activity after hypoxia and reoxygenation in the perfused rat liver: an electron microscopic cytochemical study

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Amantadine for chronic hepatitis C: a magic bullet or yet another dead duck?

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Antibodies against homologous microbial caseinolytic proteases P characterise primary biliary cirrhosis

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Augmented endogenous nitric oxide production in partial portal vein-ligated rats

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Autoimmune hepatitis in Brazilian patients is not linked to tumor necrosis factor a polymorphisms at position -308

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Azathioprine-induces myelosuppression due to thiopurine methyltransferase deficiency in a patient with autoimmune hepatitis

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Bile duct leakage on MR cholangiography

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Biliary secretion of bile acids and lipids in primary sclerosing cholangitis, Influence of cholestasis and effect of ursodeoxycholic acid treatment

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Comparative analysis of two assays for genotyping hepatitis C virus based on genotype-specific primers or probes

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Correlation of HCV-RNA levels in serum and liver of patients with chronic hepatitis C

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Cytolytic hepatitis with a venotonic drug

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Dental and periodontal disease in patients with cirrhosis - role of etiology of liver disease

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Differential Ca2+ signaling in neonatal and adult rat hepatocyte doublets

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Effect of propranolol on portosystemic collateral circulation estimated by per-rectal portal scintigraphy with technietium-99m pertechnetate

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Factors predictive of response to interferon therapy in children with chronic hepatitis B

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Favorable outcome of orthotopic liver transplantation in a patient with subacute liver failure due to the emergence of a hepatitis B YMDD escape mutant virus

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