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The Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine  is an open access journal publishing refereed papers providing significant progress in the application of biomaterials and tissue engineering constructs as medical or dental implants, prostheses and devices. More information about open access publishing in the journal can be found at Coverage spans a wide range of topics from basic science to clinical applications, around the theme of materials in medicine and dentistry. The central element is the development of synthetic and natural materials used in orthopaedic, maxillofacial, cardiovascular, neurological, ophthalmic and dental applications. Special biomedical topics include biomaterial synthesis and characterisation, biocompatibility studies, nanomedicine, tissue engineering constructs and cell substrates, regenerative medicine, computer modelling and other advanced experimental methodologies. The journal uses single-blind peer review. Carries a long tradition of publishing authoritative biomaterials researchCovers biomaterials and their applications as implants, prostheses and devicesSpans a wide range of topics from basic science to clinical applications It has an SJR impact factor of 0,58.

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: bone, calcium, rat, nerve, scaffolds, properties, scaffold, phosphate, implant, regeneration, ...

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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine


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Aims and Scope

bone, calcium, rat, nerve, scaffolds, properties, scaffold, phosphate, implant, regeneration, candida, combined, coatingdevelopments, cellsexamination, cements, cells, cell, carrier, adherent, biphasic, biomaterials, bioglass, bioactive, baalginate, amine, alumina, aliduronidase, acrylic, additivealginate, al,

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Non-conventional injection molding of poly(lactide) and poly(e-caprolactone) intended for orthopedic applications

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REVIEW Bioactive metals: preparation and properties

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Laser stereolithography and supercritical fluid processing for custom-designed implant fabrication

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Multichannel mould processing of 3D structures from microporous coralline hydroxyapatite granules and chitosan support materials for guided tissue regeneration/engineering

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