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The Journal of Membrane Biology is dedicated to publishing high-quality science related to membrane biology, biochemistry and biophysics. In particular, we welcome work that uses modern experimental or computational methods including but not limited to those with microscopy, diffraction, NMR, computer simulations, or biochemistry aimed at membrane associated or membrane embedded proteins or model membrane systems. These methods might be applied to study topics like membrane protein structure and function, membrane mediated or controlled signaling mechanisms, cell-cell communication via gap junctions, the behavior of proteins and lipids based on monolayer or bilayer systems, or genetic and regulatory mechanisms controlling membrane function. Explores the nature, structure, genesis and functions of biological membranes, and the physics and chemistry of artificial membranes Coverage includes transport and secretory functions, including natural and artificial transport carrier systems, membrane channels, diffusion and pinocytosis and more It has an SJR impact factor of 0,656.

The Journal of Membrane Biology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: cells, glut, human, effect, liposomes, membranes, organic, activity, cecropins, cations, ...

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The Journal of Membrane Biology


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Aims and Scope

cells, glut, human, effect, liposomes, membranes, organic, activity, cecropins, cations, channelforming, channels, correlation, cotransporter, coupling, characterization, endoplasmic, endotoxins, cb, acids, carrier, cannabinoid, burst, biocide, bilayer, atpase, astructure, anions, alamethicin, ?granule, agonist, affinity,

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