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The Journal of Neurophysiology publishes original articles on the function of the nervous system. All levels of function are included, from the membrane and cell to systems and behavior. Experimental approaches include molecular neurobiology, cell culture and slice preparations, membrane physiology, developmental neurobiology, functional neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neuropharmacology, systems electrophysiology, imaging and mapping techniques, and behavioral analysis.

Journal of Neurophysiology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: neurons, visual, cortex, adaptation, cells, cortical, properties, motor, dorsal, hippocampal, ...

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Journal of Neurophysiology


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neurons, visual, cortex, adaptation, cells, cortical, properties, motor, dorsal, hippocampal, receptor, cell, ca, human, networks, reveals, responses, mri, connectivity, control, dynamic, effects, exposure, field, galvanic, inferior, integration,

Best articles

Activation of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors on Peripheral Axons of Primary Motoneurons Mediates Transmitter Release at the Zebrafish NMJ

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Alpha-1 Adrenoceptor Agonists Generate a "Fast" NMDA Receptor-Independent Motor Rhythm in the Neonatal Rat Spinal Cord

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Amplitude and Direction of Saccadic Eye Movements Depend on the Synchronicity of Collicular Population Activity

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Body-Centered Visuomotor Adaptation

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Changes in the Readily Releasable Pool of Transmitter and in Efficacy of Release Induced by High-Frequency Firing at Aplysia Sensorimotor Synapses in Culture

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Comparison of Memory- and Visually Guided Saccades Using Event-Related fMRI

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Conjugate Adaptation of Saccadic Gain in Non-Human Primates With Strabismus

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Consonance and Dissonance of Musical Chords: Neural Correlates in Auditory Cortex of Monkeys and Humans

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Contextual Modulation of Central Thalamic Delay-Period Activity: Representation of Visual and Saccadic Goals

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Corticothalamic Inhibition in the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus

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Coupling Between Feline Cerebellum (Fastigial Neurons) and Motoneurons Innervating Hindlimb Muscles

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Coupling of Oscillatory Activity Between Muscles Is Strikingly Reduced in a Deafferented Subject Compared With Normal Controls

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Cutaneous and Colonic Rat DRG Neurons Differ With Respect to Both Baseline and PGE2-Induced Changes in Passive and Active Electrophysiological Properties

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Dependence of Reactive Responses in Human Bimanual Finger Movements on Sensory Feedback and Auditory Cues

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Detailed Model of Intersegmental Coordination in the Timing Network of the Leech Heartbeat Central Pattern Generator

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Developmental-Dependent Action of Microtubule Depolymerization on the Function and Structure of Synaptic Glycine Receptor Clusters in Spinal Neurons

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Dimethyl Disulfide Exerts Insecticidal Neurotoxicity Through Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Activation of Insect KATP Channels

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Direct Physiological Evidence for Synaptic Connectivity Between Medium-Sized Spiny Neurons in Rat Nucleus Accumbens In Situ

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Distinct Intracellular Calcium Profiles Following Influx Through N- Versus L-Type Calcium Channels: Role of Ca2+-Induced Ca2+ Release

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Dopamine-Induced Dispersion of Correlations Between Action Potentials in Networks of Cortical Neurons

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Dorsal Neck Muscle Vibration Induces Upward Shifts in the Endpoints of Memory-Guided Saccades in Monkeys

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Dynamic population codes of multiplexed stimulus features in primate area MT

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Effects of Muscimol Inactivation of the Cerebellar Nuclei on Precision Grip

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Effects of Prolactin on Ionic Membrane Conductances in the Human Malignant Astrocytoma Cell Line U87-MG

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