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Journal of Organometallic Chemistry is a journal indexed in SJR in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry with an H index of 132. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,359 and it has a best quartile of Q3. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,359.

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: complexes, synthesis, characterization, structure, reactivity, carbene, group, polymerization, structures, studies, ...

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Journal of Organometallic Chemistry


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Aims and Scope

complexes, synthesis, characterization, structure, reactivity, carbene, group, polymerization, structures, studies, molecular, acrylonitrile, carbon, cyclization, zinc, bond, metal, m, heck, bearing, clusters, complexessynthesis, coupling, based, derivatives, dinuclear, electronic, ferrocene, h,

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Erratum to: "Kohlenwasserstoffverbruckte Metallkomplexe, XLVIII. Addition von Bis(ferrocenyl)-1,3-diketonen und von Metalldiketonaten an koordinierte, ungesättigte Kohlenwasserstoffe von kationischen Komplexen"

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Metallorganische lewissäuren

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On the structure and stability of electron deficient species derived from [Cr(CO)3(arene)]

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Electrochemical studies on organometallic compounds

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Electrochemical studies on organometallic compounds

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Utilisation des complexes butadiene-fer tricarbonyle pour la synthese de chlorhydrines et d'epoxydes dieniques

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CFCl2-substituierte Silane aus Chlorsilanen

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Spectroscopic methods in organic chemistry

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Decomposition of the crown ether ring in the reaction of K-, K+(15-crown-5)2 with oxetane

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Formation of a s-cyclobutyl-platinum bond by the intramolecular activation of a cyclobutylphosphine. Synthesis and structure of

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Preparation and properties of thiophosphinito-bridged rhodium complexes. Crystal structure of [Rh2(µ-SPPh2)2(COD)2]

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Structure et acidite de composes a atome de bore et de phosphore hypercoordonnes

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2,6-Dimethylphenyl ("xylyl") isocyanide complexes or iron: preparation and crystal and molecular structures of trans-dichlorotetrakis(xylyl isocyanide)iron(II), [FeCl2(2,6-Me2C6H3NC)4] and chloropentakis(xylyl isocyanide)iron(II) tetrachloroferrate(I

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The synthesis and spectral properties of some highly reactive new seven-coordinate molybdenum(II) and tungsten(II) bisacetonitrile dihalogenotricarbonyl complexes

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Mixed carbonyl-nitrile complexes of dirhenium(II). The structural characterization and reactivity of salts of the [Re2Cl3(µ-dppm)2(CO)(NCMe)n]+ cations (dppm=Ph2PCH2PPh2, n=1 or 2)

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Substituted cyclopentadienyl complexes

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Cluster chemistry

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Carbonylation of diols and their ethers and esters with ruthenium catalysts: synthesis of lactones and hydroxyacids ethers and esters

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Chiral organotin hydrides containing intramolecular coordinating substituents

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Reactivite des liaisons s uranium-carbone: reactions du methyltris(hexamethyldisilylamido)uranium

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Unprecedented effects of the trimethylsilyl group on the reactivity of 3C-silylated silacyclopentenes and their derivatives

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Treatment of alkyltriethoxysilanes with amberlyst 15 cation-exchange resin in the presence of hexamethyldisiloxane

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Verbindungen des germaniums und zinns

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Cyclisation of acetylenic carboxylic acids and acetylenic alcohols to oxygen-containing heterocycles using cationic rhodium(I) complexes

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