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Journal of Physical Oceanography focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: current, ocean, variability, waves, gulf, southern, continental, kinetic, transport, eddy, ...

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Journal of Physical Oceanography


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Aims and Scope

current, ocean, variability, waves, gulf, southern, continental, kinetic, transport, eddy, breaking, dynamics, fieldsturbulence, exchange, gyres, dynamic, dissipation, derived, antarctic, atlanticsubmesoscale, circumpolar, coherent, convection, cooling, currentsthe, dataobservationbased, decades, deepwater, NA

Best articles

A Comparison of Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine and New England Shelf Tidal Dynamics

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A Geostrophic Vortex over a Slope*

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A Laboratory Model of Thermocline Depth and Exchange Fluxes across Circumpolar Fronts

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A Model of the Near-Surface Circulation of the Santa Barbara Channel: Comparison with Observations and Dynamical Interpretations

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A Modeling Study of the Climatological Current Field and the Trajectories of Upwelled Particles in the East Australian Current

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A New Lagrangian Model of Arctic Sea Ice

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A Porous-Medium Theory for Barotropic Flow through Ridges and Archipelagos*

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A Simplified General Circulation Model for a Baroclinic Ocean with Topography. Part I: Theory, Waves, and Wind-Driven Circulations

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A Two-Scale Approximation for Efficient Representation of Nonlinear Energy Transfers in a Wind Wave Spectrum. Part I: Theoretical Development

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An Analysis of the Klemp and Durran Radiation Boundary Condition as Applied to Dissipative Internal Waves

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Arctic Ocean Warming Contributes to Reduced Polar Ice Cap

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Barotropic Tides on the North Carolina Shelf*

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Basin Modes in a Tropical-Extratropical Basin*

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Basin-Mode Interactions and Selection by the Mean Flow in a Reduced-Gravity Quasigeostrophic Model

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Can Lagrangian Tracking Simulate Tracer Spreading in a High-Resolution Ocean General Circulation Model?

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Climatological Mean Circulation at the New England Shelf Break

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Deep-Water Flow in the Mariana and Caroline Basins

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Dependence of Currents and Density on the Spring-Neap Cycle and the Diurnal Inequality in Burrard Inlet, British Columbia: Simulations and Observations

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Direct Observations of Along-Isopycnal Upwelling and Diapycnal Velocity at a Shelfbreak Front

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Dissipative Losses in Nonlinear Internal Waves Propagating across the Continental Shelf

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Eddies in the Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean, Observed from Ice-Tethered Profilers

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Eddy-Induced Diapycnal Fluxes and Their Role in the Maintenance of the Thermocline

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Effect of Penetrating Momentum Flux over the Surface Boundary/Mixed Layer in az-Coordinate OGCM of the Tropical Pacific

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Effects of Bottom Friction on Nonlinear Equilibration of an Oceanic Baroclinic Jet

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