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Journal of the American Ceramic Society is a journal indexed in SJR in Materials Chemistry and Ceramics and Composites with an H index of 186. It has a price of 2500 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,902 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Journal of the American Ceramic Society


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Best articles

"Thermochemical Analysis of the Stability of Continuous ""SiC"" Fibers"

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2223 Phase Formation in Bi(Pb)SrCaCuO: II, The Role of Temperature-Reaction Mechanism

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A Method for Determining Bulk Density, Material Density, and Porosity of Melter Feed During Nuclear Waste Vitrification

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Active Electrochemical Dissolution of Molybdenum and Application for Room-Temperature Synthesis of Crystallized Luminescent Calcium Molybdate Film

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Atomically thin hydroxylation boron nitride nanosheets for excellent water-based lubricant additives

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Characterization and Sintering Behavior of Ba and Sr Ferrites

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Coating Fine Nickel Particles with Al2O3Utilizing an Atomic Layer Deposition-Fluidized Bed Reactor (ALD-FBR)

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Cold sintering and co-firing of a multilayer device with thermoelectric materials

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Cold-Pressing and Low-Temperature Sintering of Alkoxy-Derived PLZT

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Controlled Transformation and Sintering of a Boehmite Sol-Gel by alpha-Alumina Seeding

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Copper-alumina nanocomposites derived from CuAlO2: Phase transformation and microstructural coarsening

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Core-shell structured iron-containing ceramic nanoparticles: Facile fabrication and excellent electromagnetic absorption properties

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Crack-Interface Grain Bridging as a Fracture Resistance Mechanism in Ceramics: II, Theoretical Fracture Mechanics Model

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Deducing the Fatigue Crack Growth Rates of Natural Flaws in Silicon Nitride Ceramics: Role ofR-Curves

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Defect Structure of Flash-Sintered Strontium Titanate

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Effect of BaF2Content on Luminescence of Rare-Earth Ions in Borate and Germanate Glasses

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Effect of fluorine and CaO/Al

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Effect of pH of the Solution on the Deposition of Zinc Oxide Films by Spray Pyrolysis

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Effect of the morphology of solution-grown ZnO nanostructures on gas-sensing properties

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Effects of heating rate, quartz particle size, viscosity, and form of glass additives on high-level waste melter feed volume expansion

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Effects of Microstructure on Superplastic Behavior and Deformation Mechanisms in beta-Silicon Nitride Ceramics

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Elastic Anisotropy in Zirconia Single Crystals

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Electrical and hydrogen reduction enhances kinetics in doped zirconia and ceria:II. Mapping electrode polarization and vacancy condensation inYSZ

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Electrical and Thermal Properties of Cr2GeC

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