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Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews is a journal indexed in SJR in Molecular Biology and Microbiology with an H index of 238. It has a price of 2395 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 7,365 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews


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Best articles

ABC Transporters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Their Interactors: New Technology Advances the Biology of the ABCC (MRP) Subfamily

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ABC Transporters Involved in Export of Cell Surface Glycoconjugates

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Alternative Sigma Factors and Their Roles in Bacterial Virulence

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ATP Synthase and the Actions of Inhibitors Utilized To Study Its Roles in Human Health, Disease, and Other Scientific Areas

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Bacterial Transcription as a Target for Antibacterial Drug Development

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Bacterial Vegetative Insecticidal Proteins (Vip) from Entomopathogenic Bacteria

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Biochemistry and Comparative Genomics of SxxK Superfamily Acyltransferases Offer a Clue to the Mycobacterial Paradox: Presence of Penicillin-Susceptible Target Proteins versus Lack of Efficiency of Penicillin as Therapeutic Agent

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Biological Diversity of Prokaryotic Type IV Secretion Systems

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Biological Nanomotors with a Revolution, Linear, or Rotation Motion Mechanism

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Candida albicans Secreted Aspartyl Proteinases in Virulence and Pathogenesis

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CcpA-Dependent Carbon Catabolite Repression in Bacteria

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Central Role of the Cell in Microbial Ecology

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Characterization of a Novel Virus Causing a Lethal Disease in Carp and Koi

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Chemoenzymatic and Template-Directed Synthesis of Bioactive Macrocyclic Peptides

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CO-Sensing Mechanisms

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Cohesion Group Approach for Evolutionary Analysis of TyrA, a Protein Family with Wide-Ranging Substrate Specificities

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Compartmentalization of Gene Expression during Bacillus subtilis Spore Formation

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Convergence of Molecular, Modeling, and Systems Approaches for an Understanding of the Escherichia coli Heat Shock Response

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Critical Role of Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 Accessory Proteins in Viral Replication and Pathogenesis

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Cyanobacterial Two-Component Proteins: Structure,Diversity, Distribution, andEvolution

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Cytokinesis in Bacteria

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Ecology and Biotechnology of Selenium-Respiring Bacteria

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EcoR124I: from Plasmid-Encoded Restriction-Modification System to Nanodevice

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Elucidating TOR Signaling and Rapamycin Action: Lessons from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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