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NMR in Biomedicine is a journal indexed in SJR in Molecular Medicine and Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Imaging with an H index of 131. It has a price of 2083 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,949 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,949.

NMR in Biomedicine focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: mri, blood, flow, cerebral, brain, influence, mrs, fatty, fat, exchange, ...

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NMR in Biomedicine


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Aims and Scope

mri, blood, flow, cerebral, brain, influence, mrs, fatty, fat, exchange, estimation, mrisimultaneous, h, hotfeoacross, hybrid, image, interval, kinase, encodings, eightchannel, ambient, bolts, bvalue, chemical, coil, composition, contrast, contributions, convex, creatine, decomposing, diffusion, echo,

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Quantitative ATP synthesis in human liver measured by localized31P spectroscopy using the magnetization transfer experiment

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Dynamic three-dimensional imaging of phosphocreatine recovery kinetics in the human lower leg muscles at 3T and 7T: a preliminary study

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ProtonT1 relaxation times of cerebral metabolites differ within and between regions of normal human brain

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ProtonT2 relaxation of cerebral metabolites of normal human brain over largeTE range

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The tumour microenvironment: causes and consequences of hypoxia and acidity, edited by J. A. Goode and D. J. Chadwick, Wiley, Chichester, 2001

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Continuous-wave saturation considerations for efficient xenon depolarization

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First-pass and equilibrium-MRA of the aortoiliac region with a superparamagnetic iron oxide blood pool MR contrast agent (SH U 555 C): results of a human pilot study

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T1 relaxation times for viability evaluation of the engrafted and the native liver in a rat model of heterotopic auxiliary liver transplantation: a pilot study

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Feeding versus infusion: a novel approach to study the NAA metabolism in rat brain

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Reproducibility and optimization ofin vivohuman diffusion-weighted MRS of the corpus callosum at 3T and 7T

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Effects of temperature on intracellular sodium, pH and cellular energy status in RIF-1 tumor cells

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In-vivo high resolution three-dimensional MRI studies of rat joints at 7 T

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Spin-exchange NMR spectroscopy in studies of the kinetics of enzymes and membrane transport

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Identification of MRI and1H MRSI parameters that may predict survival for patients with malignant gliomas

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Cytosolic diffusivity and microscopic anisotropy of N

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Ultrashort-TE stimulated echo acquisition mode (STEAM) improves the quantification of lipids and fatty acid chain unsaturation in the human liver at 7T

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