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Nuclear Physics A is a journal indexed in SJR in Nuclear and High Energy Physics with an H index of 174. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,782 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,782.

Nuclear Physics A focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: collisions, pb, model, snn, studies, production, correlation, nuclear, diquark, hadron, ...

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Nuclear Physics A


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collisions, pb, model, snn, studies, production, correlation, nuclear, diquark, hadron, quark, qcd, p, structure, boardevaluation, constraints, continuous, choice, charged, anisotropic, antiparticle, applications, atoms, ?transfer, bec, black, boardheavyion,

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A phenomenological description of photo- and electroproduction in nucleon resonance region

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A review of gamma ray bursts

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Analyzing powers in inclusive pion production at high energy and nucleon spin structure

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Antikaons in the medium within a chiral non-perturbative approach

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Bethe-Salpeter approach for mesons within the dual Ginzburg-Landau theory

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Charm in the nucleon

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Charmonium resonance formation in gamma gamma collisions with the L3 detector

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Chiral SU(3) dynamics with coupled channels: inclusion of p-wave multipoles

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Chiral symmetry and properties of hadron correlators in matter

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Compton scattering from the free and bound proton above p-threshold

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Confinement in QCD

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Core-collapse supernovae - successes, problems, and perspectives

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Correlation and finite interaction-range effects in high-energy electron inclusive scattering

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Correlations in the ground-state wave function of 7Li

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d¿ - u asymmetry in the nucleon and higher twist effects

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Deuteron electromagnetic form factors in the light-front dynamics

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Differential cross sections of the pp => ppp0 reaction from 310 to 425 MeV

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Double polarization experiments at intermediate energy

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Electric dipole moments, present and future

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Erratum to "Rotational bands in Cs" [Nucl. Phys. A 674 (2000) 343-356]

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Exotic meson with non-qq¿ quantum numbers produced in NN¿ annihilation

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From QCD to heavy ion collisions

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Fusion of around the Coulomb barrier

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Heavy flavour physics at HERA

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