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""""""""Oikos publishes original and innovative research on all aspects of ecology, defined as organism-environment interactions at various spatiotemporal scales, so including macroecology and evolutionary ecology. Emphasis is on theoretical and empirical work aimed at generalization and synthesis across taxa, systems and ecological disciplines. Papers can contribute to new developments in ecology by reporting novel theory or critical empirical results, and """"""""""""""""synthesis"""""""""""""""" can include developing new theory."""""""" It has an SJR impact factor of 1,447.

Oikos focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: alter, species, functional, response, forest, soil, decisionsbrown, cuckoo, costsdo, controlling, ...

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Aims and Scope

alter, species, functional, response, forest, soil, decisionsbrown, cuckoo, costsdo, controlling, density, differences, directional, divergence, diversitydeer, driver, dry, ecological, contributionan, content, consumer, autumn, bears, birdfactors, birdfinding, budgets, choiceecological, colours, communities, community, compensating, conditions, connectivityneglecting,

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