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Organic Geochemistry is a journal indexed in SJR in Geochemistry and Petrology with an H index of 126. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,09 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Organic Geochemistry focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: organic, values, matter, glycerol, composition, intact, lake, electrospray, dynamics, driven, ...

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Organic Geochemistry


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Aims and Scope

organic, values, matter, glycerol, composition, intact, lake, electrospray, dynamics, driven, dna, depolymerization, galbana, gdgt, hypersaline, imaging, immature, intensity, dialkyl, deposit, application, aquatic, area, benguela, botryococcus, carbon, characterization, coals, community, concentrationshydrocarbons, culture, ?c,

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13C and 14C evidence of pollution of a soil by fossil fuel and reconstruction of the composition of the pollutant

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17(E)-13a(H)-Malabarica-14(27),17,21-triene, an unexpected tricyclic hydrocarbon in sediments

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2-Methylretene in sedimentary material: a new higher plant biomarker

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3-Phenylpropanylcinnamate, a copolymer unit in Siegburgite fossil resin: a proposed marker for the Hammamelidaceae

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A novel method for the rapid determination of chlorin concentrations at high stratigraphic resolution in marine sediments

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A novel series of benzohopanes widespread in sediments

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Addendum to "Molecular and isotopic characterization of organic matter in Recent and sub-Recent sediments from the Dead Sea"

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Addendum to "The nature and fate of natural resins in the geosphere. IX1 structure and maturation similarities of soluble and insoluble polylabdonoids isolated from Tertiary Class I resinites"

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An alkenone (U 37 K' ) quasi-annual sea surface temperature record (A.D. 1440 to 1940) using varved sediments from the Santa Barbara Basin

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Analytical improvements in irm-GC/MS analyses: Advanced techniques in tube furnace design and sample preparation

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Appraisal of pyrolytic techniques on different forms of organic matter from a Cretaceous basement in Central Spain

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Biomarker stratigraphic records over the last 150 kyears off the NW African coast at 25ºN

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C25 highly branched isoprenoid alkenes in planktonic diatoms of the Pleurosigma genus

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Can oil shales be used to produce fullerenes?

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Chemical characterization of Lower Devonian vascular plants

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Comment on "PAH refractory index as a source discriminant of hydrocarbon input from crude oil and coal in Prince William Sound, Alaska" by F.D. Hostettler, R.J. Rosenbauer, K.A. Kvenvolden

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Corrigendum to "Geochemical characterization of selected Western Canada oils by C5-C8 Compound Specific Isotope Correlation (CSIC)" [Organic Geochemistry, 30 (1999) 1127-1161]

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Detection of petroleum contamination in river sediments from Quebec City region using GC-IRMS

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Determination of metalloporphyrins in rocks, sediments and other geological materials using total reflectance spectrophotometry

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Distribution and origin of ethyl-branched alkanes in a Cenomanian transgressive shale of the Western Interior Seaway (USA)

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Effects of minerals on the transformation of organic matter during simulated fire-induced pyrolysis

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Erratum to "Characterisation of the ruthenium tetroxide oxidation products from the aromatic unresolved complex mixture of a biodegraded crude oil" [Organic Geochemistry 30 (1999) 1255-1272]

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Erratum to "Confocal laser scanning fluorescence microscopy of Botryococcus alginite from boghead oil shale, Boltysk, Ukraine: selective preservation of various micro-algal components" [Organic Geochemistry 30 (1999) 1021-1026]

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Ester- and ether bond cleavage in immature kerogens

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