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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics is a journal indexed in SJR in Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous) and Physical and Theoretical Chemistry with an H index of 272. It has a price of 2385 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,824 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,824.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: water, x, properties, molecular, dynamics, ionic, hydrogen, transition, graphene, effect, ...

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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics


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Aims and Scope

water, x, properties, molecular, dynamics, ionic, hydrogen, transition, graphene, effect, oxide, study, nmr, energy, based, metal, formation, density, effects, interfaces, temperature, studies, structure, pt, phys,

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Resolving Mn framework sites in large cage aluminophosphate zeotypes by high field EPR and ENDOR spectroscopy

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Activity coefficients in mixed electrolyte solutions

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Vibrationally excited states of NC4P: millimetre-wave spectroscopy and coupled cluster calculationsElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Experimental frequencies and least-squares residuals (in MHz) for seven vibrational states of NC4

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Counteranion-dependent mechanisms of intramolecular proton transfer in aprotic solution

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Phase diagram and physicochemical properties of the n-octyl a-d-glucoside/water system

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A graphene-like Mg3N2monolayer: high stability, desirable direct band gap and promising carrier mobility

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High temperature-high pressure apparatus for neutron diffraction on molten salts: Structure factors of molten zinc chloride

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Surface freezing and wetting in Ga-Pb alloy: Second harmonic and plasma generation study

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Comparative experimental and theoretical study of the rotational excitation of CO by collision with ortho- and para-D2 molecules

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Organic semiconductors in molecular electronics

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From a pluripotent stem cell to an ensemble of differentiated cells: Elements of theoretical tissue engineering

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Molecular dynamics tests of the Smoluchowski-Collins-Kimball model for fluorescence quenching of spherical molecules

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Solid state ion transport and phase behaviour in composites of N,N-methyl propylpyrrolidinium tetrafluoroborate and amorphous polyethylene oxide

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Effects of aggregation and electron injection on photovoltaic performance of porphyrin-based solar cells with oligo(phenylethynyl) links inside TiO2and Al2O3nanotube arrays

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Surface analyses of In-V oxide films aged electrochemically by Li insertion reactions

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A theoretical study on mixtures of amino acid-based ionic liquids

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Neon matrix induced perturbations of weak hydrogen-bonded complexes.

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Thermo-solvatochromism of zwitterionic probes in aqueous alcohols: effects of the properties of the probe and the alcohol

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On-line and in situ optical detection of particles of organic molecules formed by rapid expansion of supercritical solutions (RESS) of CO2

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Vesicle-cholesterol interactions: Effects of added cholesterol on gel-to-liquid crystal transitions in a phospholipid membrane and five dialkyl-based vesicles as monitored using DSC

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Potential energy surface of the CO2? anion

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A mechanistic study on the thermal unfolding of cytochrome c in presence of 4-chlorobutan-1-ol: Differential scanning calorimetric and spectroscopic approachElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Tables and figures. See http://www.rsc.

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Simultaneous spectroscopic detection of adsorbed and gas-phase species during atmospherically relevant heterogeneous reactions

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Theoretical prediction of low-frequency vibrations of extra-framework cations in mordenite zeolites

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