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Plant and Cell Physiology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: arabidopsis, tolerance, expression, response, stress, plants, proteins, involved, insight, plant, ...

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Plant and Cell Physiology


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arabidopsis, tolerance, expression, response, stress, plants, proteins, involved, insight, plant, transport, iron, conditionsstress, extant, factor, collection, cloning, clathrindependent, acid, activating, al, circadian, brassicathe, cadmium, cell, cellular, citrate, accumulation, NA

Best articles

12-Oxophytodienoic Acid Reductase 3 (OPR3) Functions as NADPH-Dependent a,beta-Ketoalkene Reductase in Detoxification and Monodehydroascorbate Reductase in Redox Homeostasis

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A CCR4 Association Factor 1, OsCAF1B, Participates in the aAmy3 mRNA Poly(A) Tail Shortening and Plays a Role in Germination and Seedling Growth

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A New 9-Lipoxygenase cDNA from Developing Rice Seeds

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A Novel Fe Deficiency-Responsive Element (FeRE) Regulates the Expression of atx1 in Chlamydomonas reinharditii

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A Phi-Class Glutathione S-Transferase Gene for Verticillium Wilt Resistance in Gossypium arboreum Identified in a Genome-Wide Association Study

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A Sex Pheromone, Protoplast Release-inducing Protein (PR-IP) Inducer, Induces Sexual Cell Division and Production of PR-IP in Closterium

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A Simple and Efficient Method for Isolating Trichomes for Downstream Analyses

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A Unique Caleosin in Oil Bodies of Lily Pollen

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Aberrant Expression of the Arabidopsis Circadian-Regulated APRR5 Gene Belonging to the APRR1/TOC1 Quintet Results in Early Flowering and Hypersensitiveness to Light in Early Photomorphogenesis

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Actin Filament Disruption Alters Phragmoplast Microtubule Dynamics during the Initial Phase of Plant Cytokinesis

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Alloxan Disintegrates the Plant Cytoskeleton and Suppresses mlo-Mediated Powdery Mildew Resistance

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Altered Root Structure Affects Both Expression and Cellular Localization of Transporters for Mineral Element Uptake in Rice

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An Aluminum Influence on Root Circumnutation in Dark Revealed by a New Super-HARP (High-gain Avalanche Rushing Amorphous Photoconductor) Camera

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An Apple Protein Kinase MdSnRK1.1 Interacts with MdCAIP1 to Regulate ABA Sensitivity

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An Arabidopsis ACT2 Dominant-Negative Mutation, which Disturbs F-actin Polymerization, Reveals its Distinctive Function in Root Development

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An ER-Localized Form of PV72, a Seed-Specific Vacuolar Sorting Receptor, Interferes the Transport of an NPIR-Containing Proteinase in Arabidopsis Leaves

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Antagonistic Roles of PhyA and PhyB in Far-Red Light-Dependent Leaf Senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Arabidopsis Family GT43 Members are Xylan Xylosyltransferases Required for the Elongation of the Xylan Backbone

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Biochemical Evidence for the Requirement of 14-3-3 Protein Binding in Activation of the Guard-cell Plasma Membrane H+-ATPase by Blue Light

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Ca2+-Dependent Cessation of Cytoplasmic Streaming Induced by Hypertonic Treatment in Vallisneria Mesophyll Cells: Possible Role of Cell Wall-Plasma Membrane Adhesion

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Calcium Crystals in the Anther of Petunia: the Existence and Biological Significance in the Pollination Process

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Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinases in Plants: Evolution, Expression and Function

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Cell Wall Composition and Candidate Biosynthesis Gene Expression During Rice Development

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Cerebroside Elicitors Found in Diverse Phytopathogens Activate Defense Responses in Rice Plants

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