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The Plant Cell is a leading international society journal that publishes novel research of special significance in plant biology, especially in the areas of cellular biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, development, and evolution. The Plant Cell editorial board is committed to providing fast turnaround times, true peer review by top plant scientists, and first-class post-acceptance science editing. The primary criteria for publication are that the article provides new insight that is of broad interest to plant biologists, not only to specialists, and that the presentation of results is appropriate for a wide audience of plant b It has an SJR impact factor of 3,616.

Plant Cell focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: arabidopsis, gene, development, transcription, regulation, protein, genes, plant, cell, reveals, ...

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Aims and Scope

arabidopsis, gene, development, transcription, regulation, protein, genes, plant, cell, reveals, expression, early, locus, factors, dna, variegated, endosperm, degradation, flower, glory, functional, flowering,

Best articles by citations

Two Transcription Factors, DREB1 and DREB2, with an EREBP/AP2 DNA Binding Domain Separate Two Cellular Signal Transduction Pathways in Drought- and Low-Temperature-Responsive Gene Expression, Respectively, in Arabidopsis

Qiang Liu Mie Kasuga Yoh Sakuma
2123 Citations View more

Stress-Induced Phenylpropanoid Metabolism.

R. A. Dixon N. L. Paiva
2050 Citations View more

Redox Homeostasis and Antioxidant Signaling: A Metabolic Interface between Stress Perception and Physiological Responses

Christine H. Foyer Graham Noctor
2000 Citations View more

Seed Germination and Dormancy.

J. D. Bewley
1904 Citations View more

Abscisic Acid Signaling in Seeds and Seedlings

Ruth R. Finkelstein Srinivas S. L. Gampala Christopher D. Rock
1576 Citations View more

Arabidopsis AtMYC2 (bHLH) and AtMYB2 (MYB) Function as Transcriptional Activators in Abscisic Acid Signaling

Hiroshi Abe Takeshi Urao Takuya Ito
1558 Citations View more

Cell Signaling during Cold, Drought, and Salt Stress

Liming Xiong Karen S. Schumaker Jian-Kang Zhu
1412 Citations View more

Regulation of Flowering Time and Floral Organ Identity by a MicroRNA and Its <i>APETALA2</i>-Like Target Genes

Milo J. Aukerman Hajime Sakai
1406 Citations View more

<i>FLOWERING LOCUS C</i> Encodes a Novel MADS Domain Protein That Acts as a Repressor of Flowering

Scott D. Michaels Richard M. Amasino
1387 Citations View more

Ethylene Biosynthesis and Signaling Networks

Kevin L.-C. Wang Hai Li Joseph R. Ecker
1221 Citations View more

Introduction of a Chimeric Chalcone Synthase Gene into Petunia Results in Reversible Co-Suppression of Homologous Genes in trans.

C. Napoli C. Lemieux R. Jorgensen
1215 Citations View more

IRT1, an Arabidopsis Transporter Essential for Iron Uptake from the Soil and for Plant Growth

Grégory Vert Natasha Grotz Fabienne Dédaldéchamp
1152 Citations View more

A novel cis-acting element in an Arabidopsis gene is involved in responsiveness to drought, low-temperature, or high-salt stress.

K Yamaguchi-Shinozaki K Shinozaki
1116 Citations View more

<i>Hd1</i>, a Major Photoperiod Sensitivity Quantitative Trait Locus in Rice, Is Closely Related to the Arabidopsis Flowering Time Gene <i>CONSTANS</i>

Masahiro Yano Yuichi Katayose Motoyuki Ashikari
1088 Citations View more

Stress-Induced Phenylpropanoid Metabolism

Richard A. Dixon Nancy L. Paiva
1055 Citations View more

Cytokinin-Deficient Transgenic Arabidopsis Plants Show Multiple Developmental Alterations Indicating Opposite Functions of Cytokinins in the Regulation of Shoot and Root Meristem Activity

Tomáš Werner Václav Motyka Valérie Laucou
1050 Citations View more

Activation Tagging Identifies a Conserved MYB Regulator of Phenylpropanoid Biosynthesis

Justin O. Borevitz Yiji Xia Jack Blount
1033 Citations View more

Genes involved in organ separation in Arabidopsis: an analysis of the cup-shaped cotyledon mutant.

M Aida T Ishida H Fukaki
1015 Citations View more

Systemic Acquired Resistance.

J. A. Ryals U. H. Neuenschwander M. G. Willits
1014 Citations View more

Criteria for Annotation of Plant MicroRNAs

Blake C. Meyers Michael J. Axtell Bonnie Bartel
967 Citations View more

Aux/IAA proteins repress expression of reporter genes containing natural and highly active synthetic auxin response elements.

T Ulmasov J Murfett G Hagen
945 Citations View more

Early flower development in Arabidopsis.

D R Smyth J L Bowman E M Meyerowitz
935 Citations View more

The Putative Plasma Membrane Na<sup>+</sup>/H<sup>+</sup> Antiporter SOS1 Controls Long-Distance Na<sup>+</sup> Transport in Plants

Huazhong Shi Francisco J. Quintero Jose M. Pardo
911 Citations View more

Resistance gene-dependent plant defense responses.

K E Hammond-Kosack J D Jones
911 Citations View more