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Planta is a journal indexed in SJR in Plant Science and Genetics with an H index of 158. It has a price of 2990 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,253 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,253.

Planta focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: gene, growth, promoter, production, vacuoles, vrnb, tobacco, marker, expression, synthase, ...

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gene, growth, promoter, production, vacuoles, vrnb, tobacco, marker, expression, synthase, contributes, control, developing, differentiation, drought, dur, clathrincoated, cellwall, cellselevated, affinitysweet, agedependent, alteration, auxin, auxinstimulated, beta, bodies, canescenscell, cell, cells,

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SKS6, a multicopper oxidase-like gene, participates in cotyledon vascular patterning during Arabidopsis thaliana development

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über die Bedeutung des Hoftupfelverschlusses fur die axiale Wasserleitfähigkeit von Nadelholzern

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Three maize root-specific genes are not correctly expressed in regenerated caps in the absence of the quiescent center

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Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen an den Saughaaren vonTillandsia Usneoides (Bromeliaceae)

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über die Chromosomenstruktur in infraroten Strahlen

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Immunohistochemical localization of IAA and ABP1 in strawberry shoot apexes during floral induction

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Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen zur Genese des Golgi-Apparates (Dictyosomen) und ihrer Kernabhängigkeit beiAcetabularia

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Light conditions influence specific defence responses in incompatible plant?pathogen interactions: uncoupling systemic resistance from salicylic acid and PR-1 accumulation

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Markers for oxidative stress associated with soft rots in French beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) infected by Botrytis cinerea

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Does lignin modification affect feeding preference or growth performance of insect herbivores in transgenic silver birch (Betula pendula Roth)?

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Roles for blue light, jasmonate and nitric oxide in the regulation of dormancy and germination in wheat grain (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Zur Mechanik des Hitzetodes pflanzlicher Zellen (Vorläufige Mitteilung)

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Chlamydomonas reinhardtii mutants without ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase lack a detectable pyrenoid

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