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Proceedings of the Combustion Institute is a journal indexed in SJR in Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous) and Mechanical Engineering with an H index of 133. It has a price of 2000 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,116 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Proceedings of the Combustion Institute


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A detailed kinetic study of the thermal decomposition of tetraethoxysilane

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A shock-tube and theory study of the dissociation of acetone and subsequent recombination of methyl radicals

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A simple model of the World Trade Center fireball dynamics

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A spark ignition model for large eddy simulation based on an FSD transport equation (ISSIM-LES)

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A study of low-pressure premixed ethylene flame with and without ethanol using photoionization mass spectrometry and modeling

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An Earth-based equivalent low stretch apparatus for material flammability assessment in microgravity and extraterrestrial environments

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An experimental and theoretical comparison of C3-C5 linear ketones

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An experimental investigation of the onset of detonation

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An experimental, theoretical, and modeling study of the ignition behavior of cyclopentanone

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Astrophysical combustion

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Auto-ignition study of FACE gasoline and its surrogates at advanced IC engine conditions

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Binary diffusion coefficients and non-premixed flames extinction of long-chain alkanes

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Butanol-acetone mixture blended with cottonseed biodiesel: Spray characteristics evolution, combustion characteristics, engine performance and emission

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Catalyzed combustion of hydrogen-oxygen in platinum tubes for micro-propulsion applications

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Co-gasification of blended coal with feedlot and chicken litter biomass

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Coaxial turbulent jet flames: Scaling relations for measured stoichiometric mixing lengths

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Combined experimental and computational study of laminar, axisymmetric hydrogen-air diffusion flames

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Combustion of natural gas with high-temperature air and large quantities of flue gas

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Combustion timing in HCCI engines determined by ion-sensor: experimental and kinetic modeling

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Computational and experimental study of JP-8, a surrogate, and its components in counterflow diffusion flames

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Computational smoldering combustion: Predicting the roles of moisture and inert contents in peat wildfires

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Coupled fire dynamics and thermal response of complex building structures

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Detailed chemistry-based auto-ignition model including low temperature phenomena applied to 3-D engine calculations

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Determination of pyrolysis temperature for charring materials

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